MK Yechimovich
MK Yechimovich

On the 17th anniversary of the assassination Yitzhak Rabin, Labor party head MK Shelly Yechimovich repeated Sunday the leftist slander relating to a nationalist demonstration that preceded the murder.

The demonstration in Jerusalem, which was addressed by Binyamin Netanyahu, among others, included a mock coffin, and posters of Rabin in Nazi SS uniform were handed out to participants.

The Israeli left wing traditionally uses these two facts to try and lay the blame for the assassination on Netanyahu, who supposedly presided over the murderous incitement.

However, it has been established beyond any doubt that the coffin did not signify a wish to kill Rabin, but rather had "Rabin is burying Zionism" written on it. In other words – it symbolized the demonstrators' conviction that through the Oslo agreements with terrorist Yasser Arafat, Rabin was bringing about the end of the Zionist enterprise.

As for the photomontage of Rabin in an SS uniform – these were distributed by Avishai Raviv, who later turned out to be a Shin Bet agent provocateur.

Yechimovich grew up in a militant communist household and has admitted to voting for the communist party in 1996. She now claims to be a social democrat. 

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