Dancing at Chabad in Thailand
Dancing at Chabad in Thailand Israel news photo: Courtesy of Chabad Thailand

Chabad Houses in Mumbai, Thailand, Azerbaijan – and now Argentina have been targeted by terrorists trying to kill Jews. Iran is behind the latest plots.

Chabad’s website reported a “frightening trend” of plots following the latest Iranian-Hizbullah terrorist cell that the DebkaFile website said was plotting to attack a Chabad House there.

Three years ago, six Jews at the Chabad House in Mumbai, including Chad Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka, were murdered in the mega-terrorist attack on the Chabad center and Mumbai hotels.

The plot on the Chabad House in the Argentina resort town of San Carlos de Bariloche, frequented by Israeli backpackers, was the third time this month that Chabad had been targeted. Last week, police in Azerbaijan arrested three men with local and Iranian citizenship who had bought rifles and military equipment in Iran to attack a Chabad House and other Jews. Two weeks ago, a Thailand Chabad House in Bangkok was chosen to be blown up by Iranian-Hizbullah terrorists, who were arrested by Thai police.

Argentina is searching for other terrorists linked to the cell and aiming at other Chabad houses in the country, according to DebkaFile, an Israel-based website whose staff includes former security officers.

It said that Argentina's anti-terrorist Federal Special Operations Group, known as T4, caught the three-man cell following information provided by Israel and American intelligence. They found documents and maps in the terrorists' possession.

Chabad has shut down its 10 centers in the country, as have several other Jewish institutions and the Israeli embassy, where 29 people murdered and 242 wounded in an Iranian terrorist attack in 1992.

Argentina authorities reportedly are investigating possible ties between the terrorist cell and Nazi war criminals hiding out in the country.

A terror alert was communicated to Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Mexico.

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