Paskal Avrahami
Paskal Avrahami Arutz Sheva photo: Flash 90

Counter-terrorism officer Pascal Avrahami, 49, was killed in an exchange of fire with terrorists on Thursday evening north of Eilat.

Avrahami, an immigrant from France and a resident of Jerusalem, was married and a father of three children. Details regarding his funeral will come later.

The incident occurred when fire was opened at IDF soldiers from the Egyptian side of the border. An exchange of fire ensued, during which Pascal Avrahami was critically injured and later died of his wounds. The shooting lasted about an hour and the IDF had been instructed to shoot only at suspicious figures.

The incident occurred as Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and the head of the IDF’s Southern Command were holding a news conference about the combined terror attack which took place earlier. Ambulances were suddenly heard in the background as the Defense Minister spoke.

Avrahami’s death brings the death toll in Thursday’s attacks to eight: Two couples who were riding in a car and were killed, a driver of another car, a bus driver and two IDF fighters.

Staff Sergeant Moshe Naftali, 22, from Ofra, graduate of Bet El High School, is the other IDF fighter killed in Thursday’s attacks. Naftali was killed as a result of a terrorist attack on his force while racing to assist a civilian bus that was fired upon by terrorists.

The names of the other victims have yet to be released.

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