Tourists wanting to experience the local atmosphere when eating falafel can breathe easier – McDonalds has removed “McFalafel” from its menu.

Besides being difficult to pronounce, the “McFalafel” was a difficult idea for customers to swallow. The chain said that the Middle East dish was a failed attempt to introduce a vegetarian meal to its customers.

The falafel is essentially ground chick peas in the shape of small balls, which are inserted in a pita with the customer’s choice of sharp spices or hummus, along with French fries and vegetables.

But eating a falafel in the relatively sterile surroundings of McDonald’s loses the “Israeli experience” of eating at the usual falafel stands, which are the Israeli version of an American “greasy spoon” restaurant.

Thousands of falafel stands dot the country, and several workers entertain customers by flipping the falafel balls in the air and catching them in the pita.

McDonald’s -- which to the chagrin of many traditionalists has succeeded in the Israeli market -- now will have to retain its mage of serving the old-fashioned hamburger.

The failed experiment shows that there are just some things that are best left to Israelis.