Hamas Terrorists
Hamas TerroristsIsrael news photo

A Palestinian terrorist opened fire at an IDF position in the northern Shomron this morning – and was shot and killed by Nahal Hareidi Brigade soldiers. No soldiers were hurt.

A military sapper team was dispatched to the scene to ensure that the dead terrorist did not have explosives on his body.

An initial investigation showed that the terrorist “managed to open fire at the soldiers, who acted as expected and returned fire to liquidate the threat.”

The IDF is investigating where the attacker came from and whether he belongs to a recognized terrorist organization. Central Command officials say there area has been relatively quiet in recent months – though two weeks ago an Arab ran towards the soldiers while holding an object and screaming ‘Allahu Akbar.’ He, too, was shot and killed, after not adhering to soldiers’ orders to stop. On his body were later found a pipebomb, an explosive, and a knife.

On Tuesday, IDF forces fired a tank shell at Palestinian terrorists who were approaching the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip region, apparently in an attempt to plant an explosive device against IDF soldiers. At least one terrorist was reported hurt in the IDF's counter-attack.