Chaim Perelman
Chaim Perelman Flash 90

The Petach Tikva Magistrate's Court Wednesday refused to accept a police request to extend Chaim Perlman's detention, ruling there was not enough conclusive evidence gathered that could prove the case against him. 

Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) authorities have accused him of killing four Arabs ten years ago, and Perlman has been held in administrative detention without any charges being laid against him for several weeks. 

The court ordered his release to house arrest in the town of Tekoa in Gush Etzion despite the fact that he was identified in a line-up of suspects but which the judge noted was of questionable value when it comes to a suspect whose picture is at the top of Israel's newspapers. 

Earlier it was reported that one of the viewers in the line-up recognized Perlman and claimed that he was attacked by him. Police cited this to the court in an attempt to extend Perlman's remand for at least one more day. On Monday, Petach Tikva Magistrate Court Judge Nahum Sternlicht rejected a police request to extend Perelman's detention by eight days and ordered a 48-hour extension instead.

He ruled that the court did not find substantial evidence to bring about the conviction of Perlman. He said that although the suspicions are serious, they are only suspicions and consideration should also be given for Perlman's long period of custody.

The judge stated that after reviewing the material, there was no real progress in the investigation.