Coalition member: There will be no construction between Jerusalem and Ma'ale Adumim

MK Mossi Raz is convinced that discussions on construction between Ma'ale Adumim and J'lem won't come to fruition. 'We haven't gone crazy.'

Shimon Cohen ,

MK Mossi Raz
MK Mossi Raz
Gili Yaari / Flash90

The discussions that have begun regarding the feasibility of Israeli construction in the E-1 area between Jerusalem and Ma'ale Adumim do not impress MK Mossi Raz of Meretz, who states emphatically that such construction will not take place.

"We have not gone crazy," says MK Raz, referring to the possibility that Israeli construction will indeed be carried out in this area. "This is a grandiose plan that constitutes a tremendous violation of the interests of the State of Israel, a plan that neither Netanyahu promoted nor will the current government promote."

Regarding the discussions about the possibility of construction in the area, he said: "There are discussions, okay, and the discussions will end by not building there. There will be a freeze on construction. I can not imagine another possibility. It also harms the idea of ​​two states, the security and economic interests of the State of Israel, and also causes environmental damage. It is damage in every sense, and it is not by chance that Netanyahu's governments did not promote it for 15 years, and this government is only 10 degrees to the right of the Netanyahu government, not 100 degrees to the right, and it won't promote this."

Does this position presented by MK Raz represent all the left-wing parties in the government? "What is agreed upon is that things not agreed upon are not done, and that is not agreed upon," Raz replied.

MK Raz was asked to comment on another incident that is taking place in the Ma'ale Adumim area, the Khan al-Ahmar issue, and the report on an arrangement being made to relocate the residents in exchange for residency status. Raz said he wasn't aware of the matter. "I do not know from where they brought the issue of residency status. I do not think Khan al-Ahmar should be relocated. They have been sitting there for decades and just as the Netanyahu government did not relocate, we should not relocate."