Caesar the dog finds huge weapon cache

Caesar, a weapons detection dog from the Border Guards, has helped seize a considerable quantity of contraband arms.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Caesar finds huge weapon cache
Caesar finds huge weapon cache
Israel Police spokesperson

K-9 handler Zvi Blumenberg and his dog Caesar, partners in Israel’s Border Guards, helped the IDF and INP to find hidden weapons in Hebron on Thursday.

Numerous weapons were found in an open field, where they had been wrapped in plastic and hidden under rocks. Caeser is considered the Border Guards’ most successful weapons detection dog.

Sergeant Zvi Blumenberg,Caesar’s handler, said: "Caesar is very familiar with searches of this kind. He has extensive experience gained over years of operational activity. We work with a lot of dogs , but Caesar is one in a million. My personal connection to the dog contributes greatly to Caesar's performance. Every time he finds a weapon, there is a sense that he understands that he has saved a life.”

During the search in the Wadi Saman area in the Hebron sector, many weapons were seized, including Kalashnikovs, weapon parts, cartridges, ammunition of various calibers, and fragmentation grenades. A large explosive device, also found by the dog, was detonated in the area by a sapper. Six suspects, residents of the village, were arrested for questioning.