David Friedman:
'Sovereignty plan has been suspended - not cancelled'

US ambassador to Israel says the sovereignty plan has been suspended for at least a year - but isn't cancelled.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

David Friedman
David Friedman

America’s ambassador to Israel said Wednesday that the plan to apply Israeli sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria has not been cancelled but merely delayed.

Speaking with Efi Triger on Galei Tzahal Wednesday morning, Ambassador David Friedman said the sovereignty plan has been suspended for at least one year – possibly longer – but emphasized that it has not been taken off the table.

“The words that we chose was to suspend the declaration of sovereignty,” said Friedman.

“It means temporarily. It could take a year or two or more before we are back to that issue.”

"We already made it clear that the issue has been postponed - that doesn't mean that it's cancelled," he said. "It just means that for the time being, it's on pause. For this year, it's not going to move forward, but later on, we'll see - it's not off the table."

“It was decided now with the Israeli government to use all available means to expand Israel’s diplomatic profile in the region. That means normalization with Gulf states and efforts to move more embassies to Jerusalem.”

Turning to reports of an impending agreement between Israel and Lebanon setting the maritime border between the two countries, Friedman said, "Relations between Lebanon and Israel are improving and we can allow ourselves to be optimistic on this, with the caveat that as long as Hezbollah is effectively in power there, there's a clear limit to what's possible."