Minister Hanegbi: In the end, we will have to take over Gaza

Settlement Affairs Minister says one day rocket fire from Gaza will be so intense Israel will have no choice but to take enclave over.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

IDF patrols Gaza border
IDF patrols Gaza border
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Settlement Affairs Minister Tzachi Hanegbi believes that it is inevitable that Israel will be forced to take over the Gaza Strip again to deal with the Hamas terrorist organization which currently rules the coastal enclave.

"We will eventually have to go in and take over Gaza, because one day it will be impossible, one day there will be so many missiles and rockets launched in our direction that the Israeli public will not be able to accept such a status quo. And it will hurt," Hanegbi said in an interview with i24News.

"The nature of terrorist organizations is such that there is a limit to how much they can stay calm. Sometimes they lose it because of illusion, because of frustration, because of something related to their true nature and then you find yourself without other choices," he explained.

"So I would not initiate full entry into the Gaza Strip, because even if we enter, and we enter at the end and take over the Gaza Strip, we will have to go back and we do not want to control the lives of two million people," Hanegbi explained.