These Are The 5 Best Places for a Holiday in Kenya

Kenya is a country on the eastern wing of Africa, and as any safari enthusiast will tell you, it is the go-to safari destination in Africa.

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Kenya is a country on the eastern wing of Africa, and as any safari enthusiast will tell you, it is the go-to safari destination in Africa. It is home to a large wildlife variety and scenery, landscapes, cultures, and ambiances that are downright magical!

The Masai Mara brings you the iconic wildebeest migration, while Diani, located along the Kenyan Indian Ocean coast, rewards you with the most stunning shoreline in the whole of Africa.

For mountain peak views, wildlife, and lush greenery, visit the Mount Kenya and Amboseli National Parks. If you are into bird watching, visit Lake Nakuru National Park that is home to millions of Greater and Lesser flamingos.

Simply put, whichever direction you head during safari trips in Kenya, you will not be short of fun and adventurous things to do and see. In this article, James Gatheru, the Safari Director for, a Nairobi based safari operator, discusses the 5 best holiday destinations in Kenya.

Maasai Mara

Over 96 mammal, reptile and amphibian species roam the vast grasslands of the Mara. Each a worthwhile sight. Each a subtle reminder of why the Mara is Africa’s leading National Park.

The iconic Mara nestles south-west of Kenya on a 1,510 area of land that is mostly acacias, shrubs, and grasslands. The views are riveting, to say the least, the wildlife and ambience the reason the park is a 6th time Africa’s Leading National Park winner.

Now, if you are looking for a wildlife bonanza, the Mara is the place to be. Freely roaming giraffes, elephants, impalas, rhinos, gazelles, zebras, waterbucks, elands, baboons, and warthogs speckle her grasslands. The park is home to all the big 5, the big cats, and animal and plant species that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

This is impressive, but it is nowhere near the amazing atmosphere that fills the air during the annual, once-wonder-of-the-world Wildebeest Migration. The migration runs from June all through to October, and it involves close to 1.5 million zebras, impalas and wildebeests.

The predator demons are let loose during the event, tens of lions, cheetahs, crocodiles, and leopards readily pouncing on the unsuspecting prey. For the luxury sake of it, enjoy the migration on a balloon safari, and get to have an on-air perspective of the gorgeous Mara setting.

For general wildlife viewing, the months of June to October are best. If it is the wildebeest migration you are after visit during the dry months of September to October. Plan your trip with Masai Mara based travel agencies such as to help you keep a tab on the Mara river crossing.


From ashore the ocean breeze is levitating, the stretch of the turquoise ocean a view whose beauty defies word. A Kenya safari and beach holiday to Diani will relax and calm your soul.

The beach is located about 30 kms south of Mombasa, and it is 5 times in a row World Travel Awards- Best Beach in Africa winner.

Popular activities at Diani beach include swimming, whale shark spotting, diving, snorkeling, surfing, and skydiving. With a marine park also within beach premises, there is nothing that is off the mark here.

Foodies have a lot to look forward to, with the restaurants outdoing themselves in all matters food. You also get to take a dhow safari out to Wasini Island where dolphin swimming and sea turtle are the norm.

Now, if what you are looking for is unforgettable experiences, board the glass bottomed boat for a quick Indian Ocean tour or ask for expert accompaniment for a deep dive into the waters. You could also enjoy a fun-packed night out with friends or simply stay by your hotel balcony taking in the stunning Diani views.

Mount Kenya

Complete with lakes, lagoons, glaciers, dense forests, and springs, the amount of beauty that exists within Mount Kenya should at this point be declared illegal!

Mount Kenya, 5,199 meters high, is the second largest mountain in Africa, and without a doubt amongst the world’s most stunning. The mountain is famed for its unusual plant species, a thing that has seen it earn a UNESCO World Heritage Site title.

There also lies, along the mountain slopes, the Mount Kenya National Park, in which insane varieties of birds and wildlife are brilliantly showcased. Common to sight are the bushbucks, elephants, buffaloes, hyraxes, duikers, rhinos, leopards, elands, waterbucks and over 160 bird species.

The sight of climbers bracing the cold to ascend the mountain slope is not rare, other favorite activities here being trekking, camping, and cave exploration.

How to get there

It takes 3hours and 35minutes for a car or taxi to cover the 175 kilometers from Nairobi to Mount Kenya. Alternatively, you could take a $21-$330 flight that would take you 2h 26m.

Amboseli National Park

Over 58 elephant herds and 300 independent adult males roam the Amboseli open plains, acacia woodlands and thorny bushes. The park is stunning, more so with the gorgeous Mt. Kilimanjaro-highest mountain in Africa-at its background.

39,206 in hectares, the Amboseli is located south-east of Kenya in the Kajiado County at about 215 kilometers from Nairobi. With the park comes over 600 bird species, popular spots being the pelicans, crakes and the kingfishers.

During safari in Amboseli National Park, you will also see huge wildebeest, buffalo, lion, impala, cheetah, giraffe, elephant and zebra populations, all of which total to over 56 different species. Sightings are easy here, mainly due to the scrubby nature of its vegetation.

The park has over the years gained massive traction for its always promised, close-range elephant views. That, and the fact that the ambiance is to die for.

The scenery is bananas, five swamps, a dried Pleistocene lake and Mt. Kilimanjaro, being just but a few humble mentions. A quick exploration of the land will have you interact with the Maasai people from whom the word Amboseli-translates to salty dust- is borrowed.

Take some shots of the picturesque snow capped Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The Lake Nakuru

Dubbed the pink lake, Lake Nakuru is a breathtaking lake nestled at the floors of the Great Rift Valley on the southern side of Nakuru. With the lake comes so much variety and beauty you’d be tempted to think it the real life wonderland.

The Lake itself is all manner of stunning with its thousands of flamingos and blue sparkling waters sights to behold. To add massively to this charm is an all green escarpment complete with picturesque ridges and hills.

From the Lion Hill, Out-of-Africa and Baboon cliff you get to enjoy this insane view, the nearby Makalia Waterfall is also a must see.

As popular as the lake is, the surrounding Lake Nakuru National Park is equally popular. It is endowed with over 56 different animal species including waterbucks, rhinos, zebras, baboons, and lions. The park is also an excellent camping, birding and picnicking spot.

Best time to visit

The months of June to March, reportedly the best weather months, offer the best wildlife viewing chances. For affordable rates visit during the April to June low season.