Police close off entrances and exits from Bnei Brak

In effort to contain spread of coronavirus, Israel Police limit entry, exit, from Bnei Brak, other than for specific purposes.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Enforcing the closure on Bnei Brak
Enforcing the closure on Bnei Brak
Israel Police spokesperson

Israel Police on Friday morning placed dozens of road blocks at Bnei Brak's entrances and exits, after the political echelon ordered the city closed off.

Hundreds of policemen are working to enforce the lockdown guidelines, aided by drones and observation points.

Exiting Bnei Brak is only permitted for the purpose of receiving urgent medical care which cannot be obtained within the city, attending a legal process which the individual is required to be present at, the funeral of a first-degree relative, transferring a minor between the homes of his divorced parents, or another essential need approved by the National Emergency Authority.

Entrance to Bnei Brak is permitted only to residents, medical staff, social and welfare workers, journalists, for emergency or life-saving actions, and to providers of essential services such as electricity, water, communications, and waste.

"Israel Police calls on the public to follow the guidelines and instructions of the Health Ministry, since not following them disrupts the national effort to fight the coronavirus outbreak and its spread in Israel," Israel Police said in a statement.