New Right left outside Knesset

Elections Committee announces no significant flaws in reexamination of protocols from all national polling stations; New Right disputes.

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

The Knesset Elections Committee announced today the repeated examination of dozens of voting protocols from all national polling stations at the request of Minister Naftali Bennett found no significant flaws. The New Right Party, however, vehemently disputes the Elections Committee announcement, saying discrepancies were found in a full 8% of polling stations, some of them serious breaches.

"In contrast to the hurried announcement by the Central Elections Committee Director Attorney Orly Ades, in an examination we conducted with the Committee, serious and unequivocal instances of election fraud were found.

"Unfortunately, we asked the Committee Director to wait with the media announcement until the end of the investigation, but haste prevailed over sticking to the facts.

"It should be noted that until now, the committee has conducted itself in a proper manner of cooperation, so the sudden change in direction is surprising," says the Party.