Soccer player suspected in hit-and-run placed under house arrest

Court releases Yitzhak Aspeh, suspected of running over and killing youth Ari Nesher in Tel Aviv, to 9 days of house arrest.

Ido Ben Porat , | updated: 12:02 PM

Funeral of Ari Nesher
Funeral of Ari Nesher
Photo by Roy Alima/Flash90

The court accepted the request of police and released to 9 days house arrest Yitzhak Aspeh, the soccer player suspected of running over youth Ari Nesher, who was killed last week.

Aspeh, who plays for the F.C. Ashdod soccer team, was interrogated several times and cooperated with police, after having initially refused to answer interrogators' questions at the beginning of the investigation. His defense attorney was appointed by his team.

The accident occurred last week, on Sunday night. Aspeh is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol and hitting Nesher and his friend, who were riding on electric bicycles, before fleeing the scene.

Another player from a Kiryat Shmona soccer team was sitting next to Aspeh in the vehicle.