'They equate us with the Arabs - it's outrageous'

Head of Jewish Home Druze branch explains issues the Druze community has with the Nationality Law.

Hezki Baruch ,

Druze IDF soldier waves the Druze flag in Israel's north
Druze IDF soldier waves the Druze flag in Israel's north

The head of the Jewish Home party's Druze branch, Eyal Assad, explained in an interview with Arutz Sheva why many in the Druze community oppose the recently passed Nationality Law.

"The Druze street is not quiet, and many people feel frustrated, not only the bereaved families. The Nationality Law gave a slap to the Druze community, and this when the Druze serve in the IDF, recognize the State of Israel as a national Zionist state and Jerusalem as its capital. It is the Arabs who undermine the Jewish state and do not recognize the State of Israel. The Arabs say about the Druze that they are traitors and today they laugh at us that the State of Israel threw us away like dogs," Assad said.

"The Nationality Law is a declaratory law that defines the State of Israel as the state of the Jewish people, and there is no Druze who opposes that," he said. "The section giving the Arabic language special status is enough for most Druze. The section that speaks of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, there is no Druze who opposes that. TheIsrael flag? Today, in every Druze house, two Israeli flags flutter."

According to Assad, the problem the Druze community has with the Nationality Law is that the current version of the law does not recognize the loyalty and contributions of the Druze people. The problem is that the Nationality Law has omitted the rights of the Druze. The Druze and the Circassians are the two communities that the law of recruitment applies to and who recognize the State of Israel. There is a historical connection between the Jews and the Druze and their place in the state. The law blatantly cuts off this historical connection and the daily and close alliance for the security of the State of Israel. I think that it is good and fitting,to grant the Druze rights like the Jews while maintaining a Jewish state, even if it is a little late. We are one percent of the State of Israel, but it is a percentage with a blood connection that contributes to the state."

"I myself am a disabled IDF veteran," he said. "There are Druze families who lost two soldiers in their family, like the Peretz family. Unfortunately, the Arabs, the left. and the media exploit the crisis and agitate. I spoke with Minister Bennett and he also believes that the National Law should be examined and that a special clause be added for the Druze community. Unfortunately, Knesset members in the Likud and Kulanu who have been guests here make too much noise and compare our sons to the Arabs - it's outrageous."