Russia: Muslim murders Israeli

Muslim brutally murders Jewish father-to-be walking home from a convenience store.

Ido Ben Porat,

Russia: Muslim murders Israeli
Russia: Muslim murders Israeli
צילום: אייסטוק

Michael Varvaskoy, 27, was murdered by a Muslim while walking home in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Varvaskoy, who is Israeli, was brutally attacked by the Muslim perpetrator, and died five days later.

His wife is due to give birth any day.

Russian police have not ruled out the possibility that the attack was anti-Semitic.

According to Russian media, Varvaskoy was attacked on the night between March 28-29, as he walked home from a local convenience store.

A local hospital declared Varvaskoy's death on Monday, three days prior to what would have been his 28th birthday.

Varvaskoy was studying architecture and engineering at Saint Petersburg's University. He immigrated to Israel in 2010, and served in the IDF. He lived in Jerusalem until 2012, when he returned to Russia, married, and became a member of the Saint Petersburg Jewish community.