Hevron soldier indicted for manslaughter

Soldier officially indicted over incident last month in which he fatally shot an injured terrorist in Hevron.

Ari Soffer , | updated: 2:14 PM

Soldier in court flanked by relatives
Soldier in court flanked by relatives
Flash 90

An IDF soldier who fatally shot a wounded terrorist in Hevron last month has been indicted in a military court early Monday afternoon.

The manslaughter indictment claims the soldier shot dead the terrorist - who had already been neutralized - with no legitimate operation reason.

The soldier, however, counters that he only opened fire because he feared the terrorist was attempting to detonate an explosive device concealed in his unseasonably-thick coat.

The terrorist and an accomplice had both been shot by other soldiers minutes previously, after they stabbed and wounded another soldier. While his accomplice was killed immediately, the second terrorist was seriously, but not fatally, wounded.

Edited video footage from the scene was circulated by the far-left B'Tselem NGO, which showed the terrorist wounded but still clearly moving on the ground, before the soldier in question cocks his rifle and shoots him once in the head, killing him.

Even prior to the publication of that video, the soldier's commanders had begun an investigation of their own and submitted a complaint against the soldier after concluding that the shooting was not operationally necessary.

Nevertheless, as noted, the soldier himself says that he genuinely did fear that the terrorist was trying to detonate a bomb.

Tomorrow evening (Tuesday) supporters of the soldier plan to hold a major demonstration, led among others by former MK and Israeli media personality Sharon Gal.

That rally itself has been a source of controversy as well, with two well-known Israeli singers pulling out at the last moment.