Jordan Muslim Brotherhood raided 'by accident'

Jordanian security forces raid the headquarters of the local Muslim Brotherhood group, then say it was a mistake.

Ben Ariel ,

Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood rally in Amman
Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood rally in Amman

Jordanian security forces raided the headquarters of the kingdom's largest Muslim Brotherhood group, but the raid was apparently a mistake, The Associated Press reported Sunday.

The Jordanian government claimed the offices were raided after they were confused with the offices of an outlawed organization.

Government spokesman Mohammed al-Momani said security forces stormed the Islamic Action Front (IAF) offices after they "mixed up" the IAF headquarters with those of a nearby, unregistered branch of the Islamist group.

The IAF's spokesman Murad Adaileh said in response that the organization demands a government apology and investigation into the raid.

The Jordanian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood was designated by the kingdom as a terrorist group in December of 2014 and one of its top members was later charged with "souring ties with a foreign country" by criticizing the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Compared with the tough crackdowns on Islamist groups in Egypt and Gulf countries, Jordanian authorities have been relatively tolerant of the Brotherhood's presence.

Jordan has, however, arrested several members of the group after they publicly criticized the government for not taking stronger measures to censure Israel after the Gaza war in the summer of 2014.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Jordanian branch cut ties last March with the region-wide movement based in Egypt.

The group objects to Jordan’s peace treaty with Israel and has often organized protests calling for its cancellation.

In 2012, Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood sharply criticized the naming of a new ambassador to Israel, saying the move was “an act of provocation towards Jordanians.”