Video: Israeli Tech on US Jets

Israel hi-tech is on every US fighter jet, says a US F-16 mission commander in one of several videos prepared by AIPAC for its annual conference.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahhu , | updated: 5:14 PM

Israel and US army officers
Israel and US army officers
Israel news photo: AIPAC screenshot

Israel hi-tech is in every U.S. fighter jet and helps America fight its war on terror, says Lt. Col. Chris Sheppard, the American F-16 mission commander in one of several videos prepared by AIPAC for its annual conference. 

Israeli technology, ranging from defense systems to innovative medical equipment, also has helped save lives in the U.S. war on terror as well as saving American civilians and soldiers.

 The United States is fighting a new kind of enemy that uses guerilla tactics “and operates in populated areas,” according to Sheppard. “Israeli technology has greatly enhanced today’s battlefield, a prime example of that is embodied in the lightning targeting system” that is on almost every F-16 jet, he adds.

Ambassador Jon Glassman, former charge d’affaires in Afghanistan, comments that “the ability of the lightning rod striking at the terrorist in a crowded and cluttered environment where people could be hurt otherwise is absolutely crucial. Israeli technology has made a difference and that difference has saved lives.” 

Another outstanding contribution to saving lives has been made by Brooklyn-born Israel Bernard bar-Natan, who was an IDF medic for 22 years. 

He notes that 80 percent of preventable combat deaths were caused by uncontrolled bleeding and that the concept of bandages essentially has not changed since World War II – until he developed a revolutionary sterile wound treatment.

It applies high pressure that stops bleeding immediately. “We gave it to an American Special Forces unit in Afghanistan, and the product proved itself. It is contained in every medic kit in the U.S. military,” he says.

The same bandage was one of several advancements that was credited for saving the life of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who along with a dozen others was shot outside a supermarket in Arizona last year.