Parents to Teachers: Dress Up

Teachers may have to dress more modestly this year. The Association of Israeli Parents wants a ban on mini-skirts and exposed tummies.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 8:52 AM

Clothing store: dress code for teachers?
Clothing store: dress code for teachers?
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Israeli Organization of Parents has proposed to Education Minister Gideon Saar that he impose a dress code to help teachers gain respect from their students. The Ministry said it would speak with the Teachers Union to reach an agreement on calling for reasonable dress, but that no unilateral measures will be taken.

The parents told the Ministry, “Teachers who dress more respectably will win more respect from students."

“It is not acceptable for teachers to dress in clothes that do not place them with in a respectable light to students,” Parents’ Association chairperson Ettie Binyamin wrote Education Minister Saar.

The parents said teachers wanting self-respect should not appear in classrooms with jeans, short pants, mini-skirts and T-shirts with slogans that attract too much attention. Binyamin said that more schools are enforcing a dress code for students and that the same should be applied to teachers.

Most religious schools require modest dress both for students and teachers.