Yes, You're Secretary of State

Hillary's outburst was quite ironic.

Gerald A. Honigman

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So, we've all heard about Madam Secretary's little "episode" by now, I guess. When being questioned abroad recently about what her husband Bill Clinton might think about some issue, she fired both barrels off in response, making sure all knew who the current Secretary of State of the USA is. Turns out that there may have been a
The Foggy Folks have a long tradition of thinking that they're supposed to run Israel's foreign policy.
mistranslation of the question, to boot.

Hey, I'll admit that she had a bit of a point there, but still... Coming from Hillary, the current chief at the State Department, this was a bit ironic - or worse.

The Foggy Folks have a long tradition of thinking that they're supposed to run Israel's foreign policy, not Israel; to the point of demanding that the Jews take steps, such as arming those who still want them dead, returning to the armistice lines (not borders) which made Israel a mere nine-mile wide rump state before the 1967 War, and so forth. More than likely, the folks at the Foggy Bottom headquarters have to travel further than nine miles just to return to their homes after work. Oh yes, the State Department demanded that there be no Israel at all, fighting President Truman's recognition of the Jewish State from the very beginning.

Lately, Hillary and her Foggy crew have demanded that Jews not build or live in parts of Jerusalem - a place Jews have called home for thousands of years, when Hillary's ancestors were still worshipping fertility gods and stone idols. If Jews can't live in one part of the city, does that mean Arabs can't live in the other?

Yes, Hillary, indeed. You're the Secretary of State of the United States, not Bill. But please keep this in mind when you and your crew order Israel to shelve its own "Secretary of State", Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, because he refuses to grovel at your feet and cave in to your constantly unfair and suicidal demands on his tiny, beleaguered, resurrected nation.

Avigdor Lieberman is Israel's Foreign Minister; not you, Hillary.

Lieberman refuses, along with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to buy your distinction between the alleged good cops of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority's Mahmoud Abbas and the bad cops of Islamic Jihad and Hamas. The latter - to their credit - are simply more honest about their murderous intent. The former are sometimes simply more willing to say the right words to the West to cash in on billions of dollars in aid and to have an army created for them, courtesy of Uncle Sam. This is all part of their well known and openly admitted Trojan Horse, destruction-in-phases plan for Israel. Good thing they're the "moderates".

To anyone with functioning neurons, it is obvious that both cops refuse to accept the idea of a Jewish State as their neighbor.

Why is it that Arabs expect scores of millions of non-Arabs (Kurds, Imazighen/Berbers, Black Africans, Assyrians, Copts, Jews, and so forth) to live in what are called "Arab " states - twenty-one to date, with another in the oven - but the idea of some Arabs living in someone else's state is taboo? I know the racist, subjugating Arab rationale for this, but how does an allegedly more open-minded West go along with such hypocrisy and double standards?

The same Foggy Folks who demand a roadmap for that 22nd Arab state - and the second, not first, one to be formed within the original April 25, 1920 borders of the Mandate of Palestine - act deaf, dumb and blind to the plight of the majority Imazighen population of "Arab" North Africa. They increasingly see their own language and culture outlawed, as the forced Arabization process, going on for over a thousand years, intensifies. Today, they are even being told that they can't name their own children with Amazigh names, but must use Arab-Islamic ones instead. Syrian Kurds can tell a similar story, as can others.
Why no roadmaps for those truly stateless and bitterly subjugated non-Arab peoples?

Madam Secretary, why the hush about all of this? Not a peep out of your Foggy crew. If it were Israel doing this (Arabic is Israel's second national language), you'd be leading the charge for another trial in Geneva or special session of the United Nations.

Why no roadmaps for those truly stateless and bitterly subjugated non-Arab peoples? They don't have one state, let alone almost two dozen others. Are Arabs the only ones worthy of justice in Foggy eyes?

The simple fact of life is that, unlike a 3,000-mile-wide America with two vast oceans buffering it, a minuscule Israel is surrounded by hundreds of millions of folks who still want it dead, regardless of all the whitewashing that's being done by Hillary and her Foggy crew. Even more sadly, the current American administration is trying to force a "peace of the grave" plan down Israel's throat.

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