Just Say No

Don't ignore, evade or equivocate.

Yoel Meltzer

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With the American leadership intensifying its demand that Israel accept the "two-state solution", the slogan "just say no" - used by former first lady Nancy Reagan as part of the 1980s campaign against adolescent drug abuse - keeps popping into my head. Although perhaps overly simplistic, many argue that her words went a long way in raising awareness of the problem. At this time, our present leadership would do well to adopt the same slogan.
After removing our soldiers from Lebanon, missiles eventually fell in Haifa.

Thus, the next time the Americans demand that Israel accept the two-state solution, just say "no". Don't ignore their demands, don't try to evade answering them and don't state conditions for eventually accepting their demands; rather, just say "no".

Kindly explain to them that, although we understand the difficulties America is currently facing, as well as its need to appease various leaders in our region as a prelude to dealing with its own problems, nonetheless a two-state solution is not in Israel's best interest. Surely America, which like any sovereign state worries first and foremost about what is in its best interest, can appreciate another sovereign state doing the same.

Kindly remind the Americans that after removing our soldiers from Lebanon, missiles eventually fell in Haifa. Then, just a few years later, after dismantling thriving Jewish communities in Gaza and removing every last citizen, missiles eventually landed in Beersheva.

Moreover, please explain to them that it is nearly 100% certain that a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria will eventually bring missiles to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Equally important, make it clear to them that this is a prediction based upon Middle Eastern reality, and not some sort of "scare tactic" or "right-wing analysis".

In addition, please remind them that suicide, in any shape or size, is forbidden in Judaism. Therefore, national suicide, which will be the result of a two-state solution, is clearly forbidden.

True, such an Israeli position would complicate America's regional plans. However, if firmly stated by our leadership, most Americans would probably respect it. Even more importantly, it would certainly gain the overwhelming support of the Jewish population in this country. After years of spiritless leadership, the average Israeli Jew longs to see the day when our leaders will stand up and proudly tell the world what is good for the Jewish state, rather than continuing with unabashed adherence to the dangerous demands that are imposed upon us.

Such an approach, which is commonly dubbed "unrealistic" or "extremist" by various segments of the ruling
The real problem is not America, but our leadership.
establishment, is anything but that. In fact, it is the normative approach of any healthy self-respecting Jew. Moreover, it has nothing to do with confrontation; rather, it is all about higher principles such as truth, righteousness and justice.

The real problem is not America, but our leadership. For nearly 20 years it has avoided taking any stand against American "peace demands", no matter how detrimental to the State of Israel these demands might be. Unfortunately, this is not a surprise. To a leadership that, for the most part, is not a faith-based leadership, taking such a stand is probably terrifying, if not impossible. Nonetheless, the time has come. Either our leaders finally overcome themselves and take a stand, thereby averting a national disaster, or they will, heaven forbid, bring destruction upon us all.