Proportionality or Pay-Back?

The European Union issued a statement critical of Israel's alleged "disproportionate use of force."

Gerald A. Honigman

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So, have you heard the latest news out of those nations that murdered as many Jews over the centuries prior to the Holocaust as Hitler did during it?

In response to Israel's July 2006 pseudo-offensive against Arabs who have deliberately lobbed thousands of mortar shells and rockets, and who have constantly terrorized, kidnapped, murdered, wounded and maimed Jews, since Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza nearly a year ago, the European Union issued a statement critical of Israel's alleged "disproportionate use of force."

Really? There are about five million Israeli Jews. France and Great Britain have roughly the same population -- about sixty-one million. Germany has some twenty million more, and there are about forty million Poles. While not part of Europe, there are about two hundred million Arabs surrounding Israel - which is smaller than New Jersey - in twenty-one states on over six million square miles of territory (lands, as I always like to remind my readers, mostly conquered and forcibly Arabized from mostly non-Arab peoples).

There are roughly three-hundred-million folks in the United States of America.

Proportionality. Putting this another way, each time either the Arafatian or Hamasnik variety of Arabs have deliberately blown up five, ten, twenty or so Jews in restaurants, on buses and such (as they've done often), multiply the figure by twelve for Brits, sixteen for Germans, sixty for Americans, and so forth, to get an idea of the damage done to Israel.

Now also ask yourselves what those countries mentioned above, or any others, would have done if their own populations were terrorized daily, had thousands of mortars and rockets lobbed at their cities causing death, injury and destruction.

In this latest round in Gaza, Arabs under Hamas's banner kidnapped a young soldier based in Israel proper (not the disputed territories) after killing and wounding a number of his comrades. Other Arabs kidnapped and murdered an Israeli teen at about the same time. Imagine what America's response would be to such an attack launched from across one of our own borders.

After months of taking relatively little action in response to terror, murder, bombardment and other provocations, Israel finally launched its recent limited invasion of Gaza, deliberately trying to avoid civilian casualties. Indeed, in contrast to the daily Arab targeting of Israeli civilian centers and populations, Israel has tried to strike primarily non-human targets to get its message across - electric utility works, empty fields where Arab rockets have been launched, training facilities and so forth. But one result of Israel fighting with one hand tied behind its back has been more Arab bravado.

Despite what the European Union and others claim, Israel has tried to solve the problem as painlessly as possible to its enemies, even those who are sworn to its total destruction. Keep in mind that the "Arab street" elected the rejectionist Hamas crew - not that the other folks are really any different on this issue.

So, let's ask the European Union, the Russians, Turks and other now-vocal hypocrites (including those at Foggy Bottom) - they who have killed multitudes when their own security was perceived to be at stake - what any of them would do under the same circumstances Israel has been faced with.

But we don't have to ask. History has indeed recorded their bloody actions time and time again, still going on as this article is being written.

The cold, cruel fact is that this war - and it is war - continues because Israel is not being allowed to win it.

Following the European Union's current demand for "proportion" only perpetuates this conflict. And Israel has been doing just that for far too long.

Again, the recent actions of the enemy are blatant acts of war. And they are committed by those whose openly-stated goal is the utter destruction of their neighbor. No compromise that permits the long-term survival of a Jewish Israel, regardless of size, is acceptable to the Arabs Israel is now confronting.

What would the Brits do with such a neighbor? The French? America? Russia? Who would consent to self-destruction? Would any of these folks agree to a mere wrist-slapping of those aiming to destroy both themselves and their countries, as well?

For example, look up what the Powell Doctrine of former general and Secretary of State Colin Powell has to say about the use of overwhelming force against enemies.

Israel must strike truly devastating blows to those whose aim is to murder its people and destroy its very microscopic existence. To Hell with so-called "proportion." Such wisdom has indeed only perpetuated this conflict.

If truth be told, despite the protestations of their many sycophants, Arabs have not yet paid their due for their repeated barbarism. Payment is long overdue. Or is Israel to sit back and simply wait until scores more of its people are victimized? I think not.

And, aside from finally dealing appropriately with the Arabs, Israel must also get itself leaders with the backbone to deal effectively with the likes of the hypocritical bigmouths in the European Union and elsewhere.