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"A Radical Rightist is a person whose ideas regarding these lands are considered outmoded, archaic and contrary to the opinions voiced by those who oppose and reject any ties to these lands."

Isaac Kohn

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The news items are popping out like hot pop-corn kernels. The unbridled incitement and witch-hunt against unnamed members of the 'extreme right', and the cruel harassment of others like Moshe Feiglin and Noam Federman has created a media circus designed to silence the anti-expulsion protests. The trumped-up hype and hysteria is reaching a crescendo. Even staunch political figures from the 'right' side of the field, such as Effie Eitam and Tzachi Hanegbi have recently raised their voices in condemning the 'virtual' radical right and releasing the dam that will drown in its turbulent currents those the 'Left' labels as the 'Radical Right.'

But who and what is the Radical Right?

The students settled into their seats as the nine o'clock bell rang. Across the blackboard, in thick white chalk, were written two words, in bold four-inch letters. The instructor raised his hand indicating his desire to begin, Silence fell across the room. Pointing to the blackboard, he turned to the class.

"Good morning and let us immediately begin today's lesson. Please note the two simple words in the phrase that I wrote here. Without further ado, I'd like the first volunteer to explain the phrase according to his or her understanding. The rest of you are to pay close attention and formulate your own conclusion. Each of you will get the opportunity to voice his opinion. Who'd like to be the first?

"There, Avi. Please come to the front of the class and read the phrase out loud."

Somewhat shy and a bit hesitant, Avi stood in front of the blackboard and read: "Radical Right."

Swallowing, he began.

"A Radical Rightist is a person whose ideas regarding these lands are considered outmoded, archaic and contrary to the opinions voiced by those who oppose and reject any ties to these lands. A Radical Rightist is one whose love for these lands is unquestionable; yet, in doing so, his mental capacity is always questioned. His wild assertion that these lands were liberated rather than occupied creates a sallow discomfort for those promoting the Islamic 'big lie' and therefore, the mere voicing of such an absurd position conveys the indecency of a Radical Rightist. As such, a person who places the Jewish values, morals and mores above all other considerations is a Radical Rightist worthy of persecution, expulsion, arrest and incarceration for daring to voice his convictions."

Avi's adrenaline was at its peak. Someone in the back raised his hand to ask a question. The instructor motioned that there be silence and no question until Avi finished.

"A Radical Rightist is one whose concern for his children and his neighbors, for Jews in general, are denounced as racial discrimination. For welcoming the fence as security against terrorism he is ostracized for promoting apartheid. A Radical Rightist is a person who insists that the primary responsibilities of the Israeli government are to ensure the safety and security of its citizens before any other considerations. And his insistence that establishing a terrorist state on these lands is sacrilegious, stupid and suicidal is dubbed moral ineptitude.

"The Radical Rightist is the one who long-ago voiced the audacious and ludicrous prediction that the guns Israel gave the Palestinians would be used to kill and murder those same Jews who so benevolently demanded and succeeded in arming our enemies. And the Radical Rightist is stupefied that Israel will now, again, allow the Palestinian Authority terrorist-police to carry guns, with which they will be better equipped to murder more Jews."

Avi was on a roll. The class was mesmerized, the silence palatable. All forty pairs of eyes were riveted towards the speaker. In the distance, the roar of fighter jets could be heard as they streaked towards another target.

Avi paced in front of the class. His determined demeanor captivated his fellow students.

"A Radical Rightist is one who insists that terrorism must be uprooted and eradicated and asserts that concessions are counter-productive. Demanding his G-d-given rights to these lands makes a person a despised Radical Rightist whose mere existence creates an uncompromising atmosphere and Arab reluctance to make peace. A Radical Rightist is the obstacle on the path to brotherly coexistence between Israel and her bitter enemies. If the Radical Rightist would only open his blind eyes and recognize the utopian Camelot being promulgated by the 'other side', then tranquillity and well-being would envelope the Middle East. A thousand years of serenity would reign supreme. If only..."

"Wait a minute, Avi," the instructor interrupted as the students shifted in their seats. Some began to discuss what they had just heard. The instructor raised his voice requesting silence.

"Who, exactly is the 'other side' you mentioned? Do you mean the Left, a Radical Left?"

Avi smiled. The audience was captivated by his oratory invective and he decided to aim for the jugular, "No! I don't mean the Radical Left. There is no such thing as a Radical Leftist."

"There isn't?" queried the instructor.

"No! There isn't. Radical Leftism doesn't exist. It's a non-starter of a phrase. It does not describe the 'other side' I am talking about."

The instructor and class remained totally silent, waiting for Avi to explain.

"You see, the 'other side' is the liberal, democratic, open-minded, progressive, tolerant, broad-minded, unprejudiced, generous and charitable sector of the Jewish world in general and the Israeli public in particular. The 'other side' is fair, impartial, honest , very moral and upstanding. The 'other side' seeks only justice and truth in their pursuit of one-sided evenhandedness.

"Their demand that Israel cease all defensive actions, stop the fence construction, retreat from all land already ceased to the terrorists, remove all road obstacles intended to deter the next suicide bomber and allow the Palestinians unhindered movement, is not deemed radicalism, but rather fair treatment for the poor and underprivileged, Israel-inflicted, UN-supported refugees. Violence perpetrated by the 'other side' is not an act of violence, but a legitimate protest in the name of universal justice and liberalism. Therefore, there is no Radical Left, but only a Radical Right."

Avi stopped for a second and looked around the room. Not a whisper. He continued:

"When the Chareidi minority is labeled 'a cancer in our midst' and it is urged that they be 'pulled out by the roots,' the liberal media hardly mentioned it. When a judge labeled the same group 'lice', a loud yawn reverberated through the liberal ranks. When rabbis quote the Torah to indicate the issur of relinquishing lands, they are labeled 'radical rightist provocateurs.' Painting Mohammed as a pig is a shameless act of the Radical Right, as is a tee-shirt with the slogan 'No Arabs, No Terror.' Yet, Nazi caricatures of long-nosed, multi-tentacled figures of Chareidim in sinister black clothing is simply a legitimate act of frustration against 'forced religious indoctrination.'"

The class sat mesmerized. With fist clenched, eyes brimming with the fire of passion, Avi raised his voice.

"A Radical Rightist is an individual whose contrary opinion throws open the doors of administrative detention and incarceration without cause and shuts down the halls of justice; a person considered a danger, a menace, a threat and therefore his basic human rights are waved aside. Trumped-up charges, insinuations, arrests and harassment by the 'other side' are justified preventive measures. Preventive of what? Of exposing the Left's long-range plan for the dismantling of the State of Israel.

"The Radical Right has no rights.

"The Temple Mount is in danger of being blown up by these 'radical' men, the title of 'potential political killers' is branded into their forehead, their women are 'lunatics' and their children, disposable. No measures are deemed too severe in quelling the potential danger they may pose. The bright, liberal Left is the prosecutor, judge and jury and the Radical Right has no right to defend its beliefs.

"Had our prophets lived today, each would have been labeled a Radical Rightist and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, as seen fit by the 'other side.'"

Avi stopped speaking and walked back to his seat. The thick silence in the class continued as the instructor walked over to the front of his desk.

"Any more volunteers?"