What Will Be in the End?

Terror attacks! Uprooting of settlements! Non-stop suffering! What will be in the end?

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner

Judaism לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Terror attacks! Uprooting of settlements! Non-stop suffering! What will be in the end?

We Are in the Middle

Precisely the answer to this question we know. What will be in the end? Mashiach. There is another question whose answer we know as well: How will it all begin? We have been living the beginning of redemption for 120 years already, since the start of the return to Zion in 1881. Thank G-d, this beginning is going rather well. The remaining question, however, is this: What will be in the middle, between the beginning and the end? The answer is: Gradual progression forward.

We must recall that we are still at the beginning, and all beginnings are hard. This is especially so considering that we have merited this redemption not by virtue of our being saints, but as a gift from the Master-of-the-Universe. When someone receives a gift, it does not befit him to question it.

Nowhere is it written that the prophetic vision of the dry bones will be fulfilled overnight. The resurrection of the Jewish Nation is being revealed before our eyes bit by bit. "Behold, I will open your graves? and I will bring you into the Land of Israel." (Ezekiel 37:12) Phase after phase: Bones, sinews, flesh, skin, "but there was no spirit in them." (Ibid., verse 8) We must not despair. The spirit shall be revealed as well: "Prophesy unto the spirit? and say to it, 'Come forth, O spirit.'" (verse 9)

The Small-Scale Regime

Some argue: Our government operates on a small scale. Indeed it does sometimes. It is not yet the Messianic kingdom. We have to enlist our patience. The Prophet Michah writes: "The first regime shall arise, the kingdom of the daughter of Jerusalem." (Michah 4:8) First comes "the first regime," and then "the kingdom of the daughter of Jerusalem."

Malbim explains as follows: A small-scale regime will arise with few of the trappings of government. It will be such as Israel had during the early days before a king ruled over Israel, when judges still ruled. After that will arise the "kingdom of the daughter of Jerusalem." This will be a permanent kingdom, the kingdom of the Davidic line, when they will be ruled over by the Messianic king.

We are at the start of the way. We cannot yell, "Faster! Faster!" There are no shortcuts. G-d is sending us suffering in order to exalt us. There are likely to be complications, but as for another exile ? never! All the same, there are obstacles along the path that we must overcome.

Do you find the reality displeasing? G-d isn't asking you! This is the mission that He has assigned to you. Sometimes the work is hard. Many more struggles lie before us. We are at the start of the path. But we must open our eyes and see all the miracles and wonders and the entire long route that we have already marched.


"So, are you in favor of the soldier who evacuates, or the settler who starts the outpost?"

I am against the hysteria of "for" and "against". I am in favor of the army, in favor of the government, in favor of the settlements. I am in favor of everyone, even if there are contradictions: "All the same, I wait daily for Messiah's arrival."