Ignorance is Not Bliss

My momma used to tell me, "Education is the key to life. The Jewish position on abortion is that a fetus is considered a child when it finishes medical school." Okay, maybe that was a little drastic.

Arlene Peck

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My momma used to tell me, "Education is the key to life. The Jewish position on abortion is that a fetus is considered a child when it finishes medical school." Okay, maybe that was a little drastic. However, when I refer to the Islamic culture as being a violent one I know from whence I speak. I believe that the rise in Islamic fundamentalism to be the greatest menace that the modern world is facing. Its adherents have no reverence for life and strive to teach their children that killing others who don't believe as they do is a blessing.

The evil and devastating plans that these people have for the world as we know it are painfully obvious. Hate and hostility seep from their very pores. Of all the wars that are presently going on around the world, almost all of them involve Muslims. They want us dead. They want Israel destroyed. Hell, they want the entire Western culture eradicated. Period. Their favorite words are, ?Death for the Jews!? It is time for the world to take a more critical look at the genocidal aspects of such evil and irrational behavior.

As a member of the press, I am well aware how the news reporting that you read can be manipulated to tilt in whatever direction the reporter may choose. It's simple. Yet, I know that the double standard against Israel has been going on non-stop for so long that the public is pretty much aware of how it's done. The code words for terrorist are "militant", "activist", "freedom fighter" or, one of my favorites, "senior Hamas leader", as though he is boarding a bus with his bombs strapped around his waist, but carrying a brief case.

The Jewish community has written thousands and thousands of letters to media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, CNN, BBC, NPR, the New York Times, etc. Their mail boxes are full of complaining letters to the editor about the obvious bias and anti-Semitism when it comes to Israel. But they couldn't care less. They still continue to equate the situation with a conflict between two rival gangs, like the Crips and Bloods being at war.

Do you think they don't know what they are doing when they write headlines such as this recent one in the LA Times, "Arafat Asks Militants to Restore Peace"? Or how Israel was somehow to blame for the destruction of the supposed truce, when it was Israel that responded to a recent bombing in Jerusalem - one which killed and maimed scores of children? Of course they know! Yet, their biased reporting and anti-Semitic slants continue unabated. And, during all of this, the European Union, especially France and Belgium, were holding votes as if they didn?t believe Hamas to be anything but a humanitarian charity organization that gives help to the poor, deprived Palestinians. They somehow refused to accept the fact that Hamas just might be promoting terrorism against Israel and needs to have their funding stopped. Wow! What a surprise! [The EU has since voted to classify Hamas as terrorist. - ed.]

We have gotten so politically correct in this country that Charles Manson could go on a rampage and the ACLU and human rights groups would probably come to his defense claiming a sad childhood. Naw, probably not, since Manson?s white, American, and a man. And speaking of media bias, my colleague-in-arms against injustice, novelist Jack Engelhard, has written The Uriah Deadline, which covers the very topic of media bias, set on the backdrop of a New York newsroom, Middle Eastern terrorism and a killer love triangle. All we need now is a not-so-gutless publisher and equally brave producer to get this epic in motion.

Frankly, folks, it frustrates and makes me angry when I hear people tell me in one breath how caring and peace-loving these terrorists are and then go into a tirade about "both people" being at fault, as if the murderer and the victim are on the same moral plane. Frankly, I?m waiting for just one - one - of these ?peaceful? Muslim groups to march in a demonstration against terrorism.

I shake my head in disbelief each time I hear do-gooders talk about how the right of return is necessary to continue the "peace process". Yet, these same people/newspapers totally ignore the reality that there were two refugee movements in the area during the years surrounding the birth of Israel. If the truth be known, there were in fact more Jews who fled the Arab countries than the other way around. The only difference is that the Arabs chose to leave their people in wretched refugee camps, while the Jews absorbed theirs into Israel proper. Are the anti-Semites so blind that they cannot accept this reality? It's like the dirty little family secret that everyone knows about but ignores, for the most part. The Arabs want the right of return? Fine. Can my cousin, whose family fled Egypt during the Nasser regime, go back and collect their confiscated real estate? Yeah, right.

I try and justify the lack of empathy that I find for the Jewish state by the lack of understanding that we in the United States have of the Middle Eastern mind. Maybe it's because we, as a nation, don't really understand the mentality or have the desire to deal with a seventh-century culture, which still cuts off hands for theft and thinks the violation of little boys is fine because they aren't men yet. We also aren't used to relating to a culture of illiterate and evil people who will never understand that death and martyrdom isn?t the way to go. Nor is it going to get them a country in any place other than the one that most of them left ? Jordan. I may sound like a broken record but, again, transfer... transfer... transfer. For some reason, the word ?transfer? is taboo when it comes to removing the malignancy that plagues Israel by moving the terrorists out of the country. Yet, it is the only sensible solution.

The only way to get rid of a cancer is to cut it out. Not negotiate it to death, nor trying to find a way to live with it. It?s come down to ?them? or ?us?. I?d rather it be us, as, otherwise, there won't be any Jewish state left to live in.