Thank heaven for fools

Nothing will do for them except 100 percent of everything,

Jack Engelhard

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Ehud Olmert in court
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Thank heaven for fools

The worry is that these people, such as Abbas and Olmert, will wake up and realize that the deal of the century is a boon for the Palestinian Arabs.

Meantime, the big deal is a big flop, for reasons some people, like this observer, don’t understand.

I mean, I hate it too, but for opposite reasons. I registered my qualms here, here and here, but would rather not mention it again, lest it gives them ideas.

Ideas about how sweet it is for the Arab side, and how bitter it is for the Israelis, for whom a two-state solution has always been anathema. 

The Palestinian Arabs, under Kushner’s plan, get their own country, for crying out land. What more do they want? Plenty, I know.

But having your own country means you get to pretend you’re part of the civilized world. The Palestinian Arabs get it after producing, some would say, nothing, except terrorism.

Shouldn’t they be thankful? Doesn’t work that way, apparently, and not for the rest of the world, either, neither the UN or the EU.

They’re already kvetching about it at the Security Council and maybe the General Assembly as well.

Abbas is furious about it, but then, he’s furious about everything. But Olmert, a former Israeli prime minister, believe it or not, what’s his problem? He’s taken Abbas’ side.

What’s the complaint? Israel gets to keep the country it has got (more or less) instead of handing it all over to the Arabs. 

Meantime, they got plenty. Don’t tell them this. They might accept Kushner’s offer, which amounts to a Jihad state smack in the middle of Biblical Israel. 
That, or something like it, is what the world expected from Kushner. Sure seems that way.

Israel gets to keep the Jordan Valley, and 20 percent of Judea and Samaria, which, the world says, is too much.

Kushner needs to brush up on his Hebrew Bible, and Israel is the Promised Land after all, and nowhere in the Book were promises made to the “Palestinians.” There were none.

Every inch was promised to the Jews, who shed enough blood to make sure the promise was kept.

Meantime, the Palestinian Authority, which would be swallowed up by Hamas anyway, as it was in Gaza, in turn embedded with Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah…Jihad all around…so the PA gets its own Little Jerusalem in Abu Dis, and altogether, territory double the size from before the deal. Not a bad deal, or so you would think.

Trouble is, they don’t get EVERYTHING. Like Olmert tried to do in 2008, but got turned down by Abbas.

Olmert offered away nearly every inch of Biblical Judea and Samaria, and even (Netanyahu avers) the Western Wall.  Olmert is very proud of this. He wants another chance.

He’s the guy who told the Palestinian Arabs, “I can be very generous.” Yes, indeed.

Apparently, Kushner is generous, but not generous enough.

Saeb Erekat, the PA’s minister of something, said exactly so back then, on why Olmert’s offer was turned down. 

Nothing will do except 100 percent of everything, Erekat said back then, and likely today.

That’ll never happen, but meantime, they got plenty. Don’t tell them this. They might accept Kushner’s offer, which amounts to a Jihad state smack in the middle of Biblical Israel. 

Good for them. In what way is any of this good for the Jews? 

Ironically, the Israelis ought to be against the Deal as much as the Palestinian Arabs. Send the message to Abbas through Kushner – nothing. They get nothing. 

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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