His name was Yotam Ovadia

Every dead terror victim means the devastation of two families.

Giulio Meotti

OpEds Terror victim Yotam Ovadia
Terror victim Yotam Ovadia
צילום: עצמי

While Ahed Tamimi was freed from jail and was praised by her father for attacking Israeli soldiers - and that hooligan in a double-breasted suit, Mahmoud Abbas, indicated her as an example for his bankrupted society - the wife of Yotam Ovadia, killed Thursday night by a Palestinian Arab terrorist of Tamimi's age, offered very different words, of love and condolence, not of hatred.

"I do not know how to be strong for my children, we were everything to him, the house was his kingdom," said Tal. "Yotam did everything for us, we have been crying since he was killed".

I have written it before and I repeat it here: Israeli society is morally superior to that of the Palestinian Arabs. End of story. 

On the one hand, the Palestinian Arabs celebrating and paying homage to the murderous terrorist who took the life of Yotam Ovadia.... On the other side, the family of Yotam, destroyed, mourning, at the funeral. 
There is a moral chasm between Israel and the Palestinians. Two photographs taken on the same day. On the one hand, the Palestinians celebrate and pay homage to the murderous terrorist who took the life of Yotam Ovadia and the terrorist's family will be rewarded with a check for life by that bloody corrupt Palestinian Authority. On the other side, the family of Yotam, destroyed, mourning, at the funeral. 

After September 11, Osama bin Laden said it all: "We love death as you love life". It's all here, in that sentence, the conflict between Israel and its enemies.

A father, a husband, an Israeli Jew. Here is Yotam, murdered with a knife just outside of Jerusalem. 45 Israelis have been killed by Palestinian terrorists in the last two years. In the silence, we have the assent of the international community that would like Israel to offer its throat in the name of a "peace" that has so far only brought death. 

Behind every name there is a story. And every dead victim means the devastation of two families. They are wives and parents destroyed, and who often do not recover, they are orphans, many orphans. Death does not only aggravate the victim, it continues to hover in the head and heart of those who survive it.

I wrote so many, too many portraits of these victims and their families to reach the point where I know what I'm talking about.

But if there is a people who love life and hate death, it is the Jewish people, the one nation capable of defeating all this horror. What would have happened if Israel had not stopped the invasion of its border in Gaza the last few months? The answer: What happened that evening in Adam, outside Jerusalem. 

There are specific culprits for this murder: not only the Palestinian barbarian that killed him, also the Nazi principals of neighboring Ramallah and Gaza who incite to assassinate Jews. And the "civilian countries" which consider the lives of the Israelis reversible, justifying the their blood is being shed, citing reasons, silences, distinctions, moral equivalents. For me, they are worse than the murderer.