Rabbi Yehuda Bohrer z"l, is a Jewish angel

Love of Bet El, Israel and the Jewish people were epitomized in the personality of the late Rabbi Yehuda Bohrer. Arutz Sheva brings two articles by those who loved and honored him.

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Beit El children
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1. Letter in memoriam

Dear Rebbetzin Bohrer and the entire family,

it is with enormous sadness that we learned of the passing of Rabbi Bohrer זצ״ל.  May you all be comforted by the tremendous good that he has done throughout his life for Israel. Bet El and the Jewish people.

Rabbi Yehuda Bohrer was one of the most deeply passionate and strong men I ever had the honor of knowing. His complete life's dedication to Israel, and the Jewish people, was mesmerizing and indeed unique.  His love, especially for his family and that of Bet El, was always with him.

We first met over 16 years ago when we first heard him speaking in Los Angeles. During that Shabbos Rabbi Bohrer immediately captivated the entire room with his tremendous life story and vast knowledge of Israel's biblical history and geography. Rabbi Bohrer was a renowned scholar, but also blended modern day politics which have been so intertwined with the rebuilding of the land. His energy and commitment were inspiring to all. Despite some of his own difficult experiences, he always moved forward for Bet El and Israel. 

Rabbi Bohrer had many many friends both here in the United States and Israel. His completely honest spirit and zeal became a lifelong bond to us all.  He always had a kind smile and wit. Yet at the same time he possessed this laser-like focus while on his "missions' here. He was real, and definitely driven.

We were so blessed to have recently visited Rabbi Bohrer at his home in Bet El. Our family had been in Jerusalem for the Bar Mitzvah of our grandson, Shlomo.  Now Shlomo also had this experience to be in the presence of such a passionate soul and giant. 

May the memory of the righteous Rabbi Yehuda Bohrer always be a blessing for your family and all the Jewish people. One day, Baruch Hashem, he will be with us all again to see the true and final rebuilding of the land he loves so. On that occasion, Rabbi Bohrer will certainly be singled out, and honored, for all he did in this world to make that happen.

With warm, yet now sad thoughts.

A loving friend, 

Steven Fishbein

2. Rabbi Yehuda Bohrer is a Jewish Angel

By Mark Langfan

My mother, may she rest in peace, always used to say about her dear mother, my grandmother, who had passed away: Even though she’s gone, she is always with us.  Today, I can say Rabbi Yehuda Bohrer, may he rest in peace, is always with us.  For, to say Rabbi Bohrer was a tzadik is to capture only a small part of his goodness.  To say Rabbi Bohrer was a historian would also be terribly inadequate. If he asked me how I would describe him, I would say his heart and soul were dedicated for the Jewish people, and to his beloved Beit El.

I first met Rabbi Bohrer through my dad, William K. Langfan.  Rabbi Bohrer would make the rounds in America raising money for his Beit El.  And, of course, the first thing I did was show him my 3-dimensional maps of Israel, and my Katyusha rocket diagrams.  I always say my maps are a truth-serum in that if one really loves a safe and secure Israel and the Jewish people, one loves my maps.  If you worship the goldencalf of the Two-state Solution, then you hate my maps. 

And, Rabbi Bohrer really, really loved my maps.  So, he asked me for dozens of the various graphic maps.  Several weeks later, he called me to thank me.  I asked “Why, are you thanking me?”  He said, “Mark, my boy, you helped me raise many thousands of dollars for Beit El.”  I asked, “How?”  He said “It used to be that out of my hour, I had to spend 55 minutes explaining the terrible dangers Israel was under from a 'West Bank' Palestinian state, and 5 minutes on Beit El.  Now, with your maps, I spend 5 minutes explaining the dangers, and 55 minutes explaining how Beit El is vital to protect Israel.”

We developed a loving relationship and he would always visit me at my apartment in New York whenever he came to America.  He would always have beautiful loving things from Beit El, and he always bring me articles on Jewish history and Beit El.  I would always keep his items right in front of me on my table to feel his presence and love.  But, what Rabbi Bohrer brought me most was a pure love of Israel and the Jewish people.  He had such a fervent love of Israel and Beit El that you could not help but be moved by his unalloyed devotion.

And, as Rabbi Bohrer grew more and more frail, that devotion became more and more evident.  Despite the fact that he became very handicapped, Rabbi Bohrer didn’t stop his quest to help Beit El, and spread the magic sacredness and importance of Beit El.  But critically, despite his love of Beit El, he saw and touted the vital spiritual, historical, and military importance of all of Judea and Samaria for the Jewish people.  For Rabbi Bohrer, Beit El was a golden thread in the vital Jewish tapestry that is Judea and Samaria, and Israel.

And, I saw in Rabbi Bohrer the very essence of Jewish goodness, kindness, and compassion.  And, as Beit El is a golden thread of tallit of Eretz Israel that protects the Jewish people, Rabbi Bohrer is a diamond in the heavenly crown made of the greatest Jewish people.  And, as mother would have said, Rabbi Yehuda Bohrer is always with the Israel, the Jewish people, and with his true love of loves, Beit El.