The Netanyahu scandals – good for a laugh in America.

Netanyahu’s alleged cigar-gate — what’s the big deal?

Jack Engelhard

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The Netanyahu government is at risk of being toppled – over what? He took cigars?

I know it may be more than that, but not much more through American eyes.

He (allegedly) accepted gifts, those cigars and other things, and for that Israel, we are told, may lose the best leader it’s had in decades.

The headlines read “Police call for PM Netanyahu to be indicted.” That is serious. In Israel. Not in America. In America we know a thing or two about scandals.

At the moment we’re dealing with nothing else…all of it brought about by the Left, working at a dizzying pace to bring down Donald Trump.  

Netanyahu faces the same frenzy in Israel, also from the Left, and this time they think they’ve got him – while in America we laugh at the charges.

We find Israel’s scandals against Netanyahu…well…small-time…bush-league…amateur city.

On scandals, you are playing with the big boys. Nice try. But the Israeli Left still hasn’t grown up, not enough to play in the majors, as we do.

Come on, this is not Watergate. This is cigar-gate. That is barely worth a headline -- though The New York Times, dancing as they wrote this, kvelled azoy, or like this – “Netanyahu should face graft charges, Israeli police say.” Yes, this is a story tailor-made for the Left, for whom Trump and Netanyahu can always expect nasty coverage.

That for both the evidence is scant to silly to non-existent, makes no difference to the Left. All they need is a scent to keep them in business.

So he took gifts? To us in the US that amounts to a hill of beans, and Netanyahu says so himself. Gifts – and what else did he do?

Yes, he’s accused of colluding with one newspaper against another. So what? Our Democrats are in bed with CNN and The New York Times every day…and without letup they keep trying to ruin Fox News. Working for the Obama administration, Attorney General Eric Holder spied on and targeted Fox News reporter James Rosen in order to bring him down, together with the entire network.

What else?

Was Netanyahu so careless with his email server that thousands of government secrets may have turned up in, say, Iran? No, that was Hillary Clinton.
Did Netanyahu botch a sting operation – Fast and Furious, it’s been tagged – that ended up so misbegotten that thousands of USA weapons ended up in the wrong hands and into the laps of Mexican drug traffickers? No, that wasn’t Netanyahu. That was Obama’s Eric Holder again…and we don’t know what he was smoking.

Was Netanyahu so careless with his email server that thousands of government secrets may have turned up in, say, Iran? No, that was Hillary Clinton.

Now speaking of Iran, did Netanyahu stuff billions of dollars into the terrorist arms of Iran’s ayatollahs? No, not Netanyahu. That was Obama.

Did Netanyahu use Israel’s Tax Authority to thwart his enemies? No, that was Obama using the IRS.

Did Netanyahu use Israel’s secret services to spy on Israeli citizens, plus the political opposition? No, that was the Obama Administration against Trump.

That, so happens, is the scandal of the moment, USA.

Did Netanyahu enrich his foundation, while in office, by trading favors? Here’s as close as they get. But not close enough.

Seems – according to the charges – that Netanyahu did accept gifts, claimed to be worth close to a million shekels; peanuts compared to Hillary’s many millions for her Foundation.

Plus, in Netanyahu’s case it appears that his gifts were just that – trinkets and knickknacks, not kickbacks, that Sara would choose to ornament the armoire and bookcase.

Sara, she too, they say, will soon also be charged. Same accusations – gifts.

No, not cigars, we trust…and from here in Americas, this is the only thing scandalous we can find – that she actually lets him light up those things around the house.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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