Analysis: The Clinton-Oligarchic Nihilism met Good Ol' USA Trump

Did rural white America come through in the face of Clinton's oligarchic arrogance?

Barouch Levy

OpEds המפה נצבעת באדום: וושינגטון פוסט
המפה נצבעת באדום: וושינגטון פוסט

For years conservative elements, in the American political spectrum have been warning the public of the arrogance of power of big government, and its dire consequences, This has been particularly true during the Obama presidency. As these warnings of social doom tended to come from the seemingly, at least politically, semi illiterate right wing, expressed in the rural accents of the Bible Belt in America, many, particularly the American Jewish public consistently dismissed  those forecasting "Communist-type conspiracy" in big liberal government.

However  with the revelations of the FBI, in regard to the Democratic candidate for President, Hillary Clinton. as to her misconduct in supervising her E-mail exchanges, the claims of the "lunatic fringe" are no longer dismissible. This was articularly so, since the reopening of the matter by FBI head James Comey. Hillary Clinton's apparent illegal actions, which have been met by an unable or unwilling governmental response, gave the impression that she, or in factor anyone connected well enough, to those in authority, are above the  law.

Could a criminal or law violator, well placed enough, become the President of the United States?. It seemed quite plausible that the concentration of power, now in hands the current American government, is a threat not only to American democracy but also to people all over the world. Particularly so, it appears to many, that the State Of Israel's  freedom, if not existence, has already been endangered by the arrogance of power Obama Administration utilized to conclude the nuclear deal with Iran.

We are warned by the MIshnah,in the Ethics of the Fathers (Chapter 3, part 2) of the consequences when human behavior is not constrained and regulated by a strong government. "Pray for the strength and stablility of the kingdom,for without this a man will consume his compatriot alive." There are numerous such examples in history when the governmental powers were unable to function. An example of this in the not too distant past occurred in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. With the flood waters of the storm holding the police at bay, all types of evil elements in society and animalistic impulses, normally held in chec,k rampaged through the city.

A similar, derivative, of the type of scenario,which the Mishnah presents, is when the opportunity for evil to function and flourish arises, at a time when the government becomes grossly powerful and dominant over society. Then, those in power can act upon the citizenry in any way they please, and demand compliance to do almost anything. That is the case in totalitarianism,. A government acts similarly, to a lesser degree, when it amasses more and more power, and as a result of this growing concentration of power, behaves in an increasingly abusive fashion. This where the FBI and other sources have shown the United States is situated today, as the US president is elected.

As a result of the creation of a concentration of power by the relatively select chosen few during the years of the Obama Adminisrtation in the hands of those sharing President Obama's political outlook, it seemed questionable if the government's choice and dictate can be significantly opposed. Hillary Clinton,designated to perpetuate and enhance this oligarchy's control, had been shielded  by the administration, in order that her candidacy would not be negatively impacted by the issues raised by the FBI and others who"leaked" similar concerns, in the election.

This can be understood in light of the fact that the very significant disclosures of FBi head Comey, implicating Hillary Clinton in possible illegal conduct  were accompanied by an anemic presentation with regard to actual legal accusations and Comey's own weakness. Add to that Attorney General Loretta Lynch's inability or unwillingness to go into the matter and the reported intransigence of the Justice Department.

The  incremental amassing of  power is not in itself problematic. In fact, even Israel had a king.  But the select group of people being discussed here, do not possess the lofty aspirations of King David .In fact in many ways, these people hold values which are to a significant degree nihlistic. An oligarchy acountable to no one, coupled with the nihilistic values of that  oligarchy, is not unlike the scenario stated in the Mishnah.

This present nihilistic oligarchy, while not anarchy, is similar to it, in that  creates  the real social danger, where people can be "consumed alive" by their fellow man.

Other indications of the existence of this nihilist oligarchy are not hard to find. 

It was reported that the Clinton Foundation received a substantial contribution from  a small Arab state in the Persian Gulf region named Qatar. Qatar is a major  financial supporter of  the Hamas movement, ruling Gaza on Israel's southwestern border. Notably, as it is the Gaza affiliate of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, its ideology is not dissimilar to the ideology to that of ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. President Obama, after the burning alive of a captured Jordanian pilot was filmed and recorded by video, remarked that the ideology of ISIS is bankrupt and must be degraded and destroyed.

Yet  the Clinton Foundation received an enormous contribution from Qatar during the time Hillary Clinton served under Obama as Secretary of State. Obviously, either Qatar has received some type of political compensation for its effort, or has good reason to expect it will in the future. Thus  it would appropriate if  someone in the Obama Administration would have said that the former Secretary of State is morally bankrupt, or at the least, corrupt, for associating with such a country as Qatar in this manner! Clearly, no such statement will ever be uttered  by anyone in that nihilistic oligarchy.

Most significantly, particularly for the pro-Israel Jewish voter, are the remarks and opinions of the heir apparent of the Obama legacy, Hillary Clinton, on Israel.

In direct opposition to nihilism is the acknowledgement that there is objective truth and obligatory moral behavior which are derived from that truth. We Jews known that this truth, the Torah,  is obligatory, for both Jew and gentile, though,each in his own way. This is because these obligations were given  by the same source, Moses,to all mankind. This law, was promulgated in Jerusalem, at the site of the Sanhedrin, in an area, known today,  as the highly politically contested Temple Mount. In the future ,with G-d's help, the law will again be promulgated there. This is, in essence, what the whole authentic Zionist enterprise is all about.

What was developing in the United States was the attempted ascent of a chosen few, " liberated" by an nihilistic  ideology, empowered by an unaccountability bornof an ever growing concentration of power.
Hillary Clinton's sharply anti-Israel remarks, such as  those appearing in her memoir, "Hard Choices", are really expressions of her inability to accept law, Mosaic law, which demands, universal compliance. Thus, comments in this book, stating that Israel is an occupying power and "denies dignity and self determination" to the inhabitants of what the international community erroneously calls the 'West Bank' reveal an intrinsic inability to comply to law. Her inability to comply to what is incumbent upon her, in the case of Jewish sovereignty, most significantly in the area of the Temple Mount, shows clearly that she cannot subordinate herself to that which the Mosaic law specifically demands from all humanity. 

The above, surely will seem disturbing to many of the liberal Jewish voting public who support Hillary Clinton. Many of them are Jews in name only who by their consumption of pork and legitimization of Jewish intermarriage and homosexuality are afflicted with same legal insubordination. This legal defiance and that of so many others, particularly the oligarchic elite who are supportive of Hillary Clinton's candidacy and ignore the ordinary American, such as the white working class, is rooted in their belief in their own power

Adolf Hitler was the ultimate nihilist. Yet  he portrayed himself as a liberal. The words of one of his  speeches speak, for themselves. "Providence has ordained that I be the greatest liberator of humanity. I  am freeing man from …a false vision."  Then, in the same speech, this self proclaimed man of liberty and freedom, clearly identified  what he believed to be the source of all repression and bondage. It was the Jews and their law and their imperative for universal acceptance of that law.  "I am freeing man from.. a false vision called conscience and morality."  "The ten commandments have lost their validity".  "Conscience is a Jewish invention."  Hitler proceeded to totally concentrate authority in the oligarchic nihilistic Nazi state. Then in  that state of affairs, the Nazis, and the German people, liberated from any legal restraint and accountability, did exactly what the Misnah warned against. Man consumed his fellow man, in ways that even today, one cannot even contemplate, with those most particularly devoured being the Jews. Obama and Hillary put Israel in that place.

On Election Day in the US., those who rule in the United States are endeavoring are endeavoring to retain and enhance their nihilistic oligarchy.   What is developing in the United States is the attempted ascent of a chosen few, " liberated" by an nihilistic  ideology, empowered by an unaccountability born of an ever growing concentration of power.

With a little insight, all, and particularly Jews, can and must see just how dangerous these people are. Even those totalling lacking in such insight, should  be alarmed, just by seeing Hillary Clinton's involvement with the PLO, Hamas, Qatar, groups whose aspirations are very similar if not identical to those of Adolf Hitler. Futhermore, this oligarchy's connection to Iran,  barely been mentioned here, is there for all to see.

Did those people claiming to be against poverty war and injustice see how the Mishnah's warning of man devouring man is related to this election and not cast their vote for Hillary Clinton?  It seems there were enough others who did see it that way.

May Hashem enlighten the minds shrouded in the darkness of falsehood and may we merit to see that from "Zion will go forth Torah and the word of G-d from Jerusalem."