Israel needs to learn from Iran – go rogue

Israel should play hard to get for a while.

Jack Engelhard

OpEds Exhibition at Iran's annual Holocaust cartoon competition (2006)
Exhibition at Iran's annual Holocaust cartoon competition (2006)
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The Obama administration, we read, is once again prepared to “deal harshly” with Israel.

So -- now what did the Israelis do to deserve being disciplined, like kids misbehaving in the schoolyard?

As we get it, the Netanyahu government it prepared to dismantle some homes that were built illegally by certain Arabs.

(The Arabs do this throughout the Land to create “facts on the ground,” acre by acre.)

Immediately the US State Department got into the act and declared, no you can’t. Do this, and you will be punished.

Who talks like this? Since when does one nation talk to another in those terms? Only Israel gets such treatment.

Iran? Seldom to never. Iran does not get slapped around regardless of what it does, even as it is officially recognized as a rogue state.

On the contrary. Despite breaking the rules, all systems are go on its terrorist nuclear program and nothing here about “dealing harshly.”

ot for a moment did John Kerry think to discipline the mullahs when they illegally took captive a boatload of American sailors, humiliated and tormented them before they let them go.
Not for a moment did John Kerry think to discipline the mullahs when they illegally took captive a boatload of American sailors, humiliated and tormented them before they let them go. In fact, acting for Obama, Kerry went to his knees and thanked the mullahs for their kindness.

Maybe it is time for Israel to realize that it pays better to be an enemy rather than a friend of the Obama administration.

Israel is America’s strongest and most reliable friend in the region – and this is the reward?

Go rogue like Iran. Or at least play “hard to get” once in a while. Maybe that will get some respect…and billions of dollars.

Yes, what about the $150 billion that we sent to enrich the mullahs even further?

Supposedly we owed them that money from some earlier transaction, dating back to the shah. Well the shah is dead. But the mullahs keep collecting.

First of all, we know where plenty of that is going – to fund more terror in and around Israel, and throughout the world.

But who says we owed them the money? Obama says so. Nobody questions this. As for me, I’d like to see the paperwork.

Where’s the proof?

We are expected to take Obama and Kerry at their word, just like we are supposed to believe it wasn’t ransom.

The United State forked over $40 million and then half an hour later another group kidnapped and held captive by Iran were let go.

No, says Obama and the compliant media, it wasn’t ransom. We owed them the money from some other business. Where is that documentation? Or let me put it like this – I don’t believe anything anymore, nothing, not a word that comes from this crowd running my world, from Obama to Hillary…and don’t get me started on the media.

Further, it turns out, we owe the mullahs ANOTHER billion for some OTHER reason. How is that that we are always in debt to those terrorists?

Is there an end to this? Apparently not. (Unless we give Trump a chance to straighten it all out!)

We keep owing and we keep paying that country, but this country, Israel, our friend, our ally, there we find reasons to “deal harshly.”

What it’s coming down to is a choice between which billionaire do you want running our country – Hillary’s George Soros, or Donald Trump?

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