Jews Are Powerful – Until They’re Not

It’s getting uncomfortable, to the point where it makes no difference which side you’re on, you are Jewish, so beware.

Jack Engelhard

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Jack Engelhard
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There was a moment when I was tempted to say, damn it, let him have his precious Iran Deal. Let’s quit the squabbling. He’s going to get his way regardless. Even with Schumer on our side, Congress will not have enough votes to override his veto. Obama’s got it in the bag.

So what’s to be gained by all this remonstrating? We’re getting nothing out of it except a bellyful of anti-Semitism.

Who needs this? Who needs this for a lost cause?

But that was just a momentary lapse on my part. Call it political fatigue. I know what happens when Jews don’t fight back.

That’s all I needed to get me back to my senses. Fight back we must. For the safety and wellbeing of the United States.

Is anti-Semitism a desirable legacy for an American President?
For Israel, the Iran Deal is not about politics. It’s about life and death.

For Obama it’s a political argument he is determined to win at any price. It’s a matter of pride. It’s a matter of legacy.

This is his last stand. But is anti-Semitism a desirable legacy for an American President? Because that’s where this is going.  

Obama is playing a dangerous game when he unleashes the dogs of anti-Semitism through innuendo.

He’s whipping up the Pat Buchanan/Rev.Wright crowd.

But he is no anti-Semite. I trust Michael Oren on this. The former Israeli ambassador to the United States knows the man and on that point he assures us that for Obama it’s only about “policy” and about a different view of the Middle East, nothing about an extraordinary animosity toward the Jewish State or the Jewish people.

Okay. Good. But for my part, it is clear that through loaded language and coded words, Obama is flirting with anti-Semitism.

Americans named Jones and Smith likewise object to the deal. But it’s the Cohens and the Greenbergs who are taking the hit.

It’s getting uncomfortable, to the point where it makes no difference which side you’re on, you are Jewish, so beware.

American Jewish Leftists are still Jewish above all else and to the end. There are no Liberal cemeteries.

So for their own safety, they might want to tone down their heckling against their brothers who denounce the deal. Whatever comes will come for them, too. This monster, anti-Semitism, cannot be caged. Once it starts there is no telling where it ends. The whirlwind consumes everyone and everything in its path.  

Even the Jewish Episcopalians who run The New York Times know, or should know, that sly talk and loose insinuations about “moneyed hawks” and “lobbyists” and “foreign interests” can sink their own ship. We’ve been there before when we felt all too at ease.

The “powerful Jewish lobby,” to name the most common blood libel making the rounds, is a myth. Read this.

It failed Israel during the Yom Kippur War and it failed Israel during the recent Gaza Conflict. In the first instance it was Nixon who rushed in arms against the lobbying effort of Henry Kissinger. In the second instance it was Obama who stopped arms from flowing in, Jewish lobbyists be damned. 

The central point is that Jews are powerful – until they’re not.

No need to mention specifics. Enough to say that the Jews of Germany were powerful until they weren’t.

We can add that Jews are influential – until they’re not. All it takes is one man to change the climate.

Can it happen in America? Remember, we did not just get off the boat. Jews are part of the American soil. Our influence in science, the arts, entertainment, is vast. We served in the armed forces high above our proportion to the general population. We partnered with Christians to create the Judeo/Christian tradition that that made this country the model for tolerance and hospitality.

But elsewhere throughout the world, Jews have always been prey. I am only a voice in the wilderness.

But I ask Mr. Obama to proceed with caution.

Something larger than his own legacy is at stake. The goodness of America is being tested and watched.

New York-based author and bestselling novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. Website: