Netanyahu and Churchill

Israel's prime minister can join the ranks of leaders who braved external and internal opposition and political correctness to do what is right.

Former MK Yaakov Katz

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פלאש 90

If I were the prime minister of Israel, I would take an example from Sir Winston Churchill, the prime minister of England revered by history, who defended his country's pride and fought bravely to keep it free of invaders.

When addressing other world leaders, I would begin by explaining our Biblical,right to all of,the land of Israel, our history - familiar to,the whole world - and the geographic fact that at our widest point between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, our tiny country is only 25 miles wide, and that there must not and will not be two states in this tiny area.

I would explain that in the areas freed fifty years ago in the Six Day War, East Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights, there are at this point 800,000.Jews and that I and my government will help this number grow, just as we do for the rest of the citizens of Israel.

If I were the prime minister of Israel, I would instruct the heads of our armed forces to put an end to the daily rock throwing that, for the past six years,greets people going to the graves of their loved ones on the Mount of Olives. I would announce that in the places where Jews cannot walk without fear, I will see to it that Arabs will not be able to continue to live their lives as usual. Jews are not stoned in New York and Moscow, nor in Berlin or Los Angeles, and in our capital of Jerusalem we will not allow this ugly phenomena to continue. I would demand a plan that is based not only on increasing the number of policemen, but that includes deterrence and both individual and collective punishment. That is what any self-respecting country would do. In situations where the courts claim new penal legislation is needed, I would see to its being enacted. 

If I were the prime minister, I would instruct the Minister of Transportation to widen Road 60, the north-south road that goes through Judea and Samaria, from two lanes to four to accommodate the growth in poפulation by hundreds of percents. This road has become a security, safety and traffic  hazard. 

As prime minister, I would instruct the Minister of Housing to build new towns named for terror victims, a small comfort for their families and one that has proved effective in preventing further murders of Jews.

If I were prime minister, I would instruct the Minister of Finance to lower the purchase tax on apartments bought for investment purposes, on condition that these apartments are put up for rent for fixed amounts. Raising the purchase tax just raises the price of apartments. In order to lower the purchase price of apartments, I would have the government build 150,000 apartments immediately, pay the builders and sell them to purchasers at pre-set prices.

In order to put an end to the fires set by terrorists, I would announce the establishment of a special unit to apprehend the perpetrators - and I would punish them severely.

These are only a small fraction of the decisions that can be made by a prime minster who respects his nation, his country - and himself. 

Translated by Arutz Sheva Op-Ed and Judaism Editor, Rochel Sylvetsky, from the Besheva weekly.