Jews, Muslims and Scandinavian Political Correctness.

Skewed democratic tolerance has allowed the Muslim communities, relative newcomers, to harass the veteran Jewish communities of Scandinavia. Time to leave?

Isaac Haskiya

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Isaac Haskiya

There are some 20.000 Jews in Sweden and 5000 to 7000 Jews in Denmark, both inexact numbers. There are approximately 500.000 Muslims in Sweden and some 210.000 Muslims in Denmark.

Scandinavian Jews are among the most and best integrated Jews of Europe, not to say assimilated. They are active in business, politics, culture and education. Their language proficiency is optimal. Ethnically, they consider themselves Swedish and Danish. They have lived in Scandinavia as equal citizens since 1870 in Sweden and since 1849 in Denmark, formally speaking.

Today, their Jewish religious component is reduced to a minimum. They festively join typical Scandinavian traditions like Christmas, New Year, Easter, and even Midsummer, which is pagan. Only synagogue-going Jews celebrate the traditional Jewish holidays in full. Sabbath is mostly not respected. Their obedience of Swedish/Danish Law is total. Most of them consider themselves secularized. Religious Jews can be counted as about 7000 in Sweden and 3000 in Denmark.

Muslims in general are relative newcomers. Turks arrived in the early 60s; Arabs, mostly Palestinians, somewhat later; Iranians, Afghans Bosnians, Albanians and Bulgarian Turks even later. They have brought with them their own national and Muslim values, by which they live in all aspects of life, even when these are in conflict with philosophically seen Scandinavian ones. Very few are secularized. Their obedience to Danish or Swedish Law is relative. Muslim criteria prevail when they are not in open opposition to democracy, especially in family matters.

The above being an introduction, this article will focus on Muslim hostility towards Jews in Scandinavia. The manifestation of this hostility is based on both religious doctrine and the existence of Israel. To the Muslim, Islam is the latest version of monotheism and, as such, the most valid one. Jews and Christians are tolerated, even protected, but not equal. This attitude exists in Scandinavia as well, since it is considered to be universally applicable.

Zionism, which is the ”raison d´être” of Israel, is considered to be unjust, not to say evil, even used as an insult, among Muslims and even among some Scandinavians of Socialist or Green convictions to whom the UN is the only source of legality.

Jews are advised by the Rabbinate not to wear a kippa and not to openly show what they are. Jews in Copenhagen are harassed when entering or leaving the synagogue. Jews in Malmoe are physically attacked, mostly by young Muslims to whom laws do not mean much in comparison to their
Danish forces are fighting against the IS, something which is formally considered as Denmark being at war, leading to charging the returning IS combattants with treason.
perception of Islam joined to their anti-Israel sentiment, which is encouraged by the above-mentioned political factions.

Scandinavian political correctness was not able to recognize the existence of the situation that surfaced in the early 70s for a very long time, and this manifested itself both in denying its importance and by trying to avoid the unpleasant feeling of something being wrong. Muslim verbal misdemeanour has been tolerated using the excuse of democratic rights, even justified by the existence of growing social frustration among young Muslims, the majority of whom do not do well at school, do not have access to work, are not sufficiently proficient in Swedish or Danish and easily fall into criminality.

Thus, through considerable cultural differences and misinterpreted democratic tolerance, Muslim communities have grown into parallel societies and no-go neighbourhoods where Muslim radicalism has found a fertile soil for the growth of Islamism and the support of Sharia.

In other words, it can be said that Scandinavian political correctness has harmed its own democratic principle, which is the rule of law, by its inaction.

The latest stage of the situation shows young Scandinavian Muslims joining the IS, fighting for this Islamist organization and eventually committing crimes, without the Swedish and Danish states being able to interfere properly. Here again we see the individual´s "democratic rights" prevailing over existing laws.

There is, though, a change of legislation being discussed in Denmark, as in France, since the Danish forces are fighting against the IS, something which is formally considered as Denmark being at war, leading to charging the returning IS combattants with treason. State security agencies are aware of terrorists in the making.

Returning to the Scandinavian Jews, a number of Swedish and Danish youths and even whole families have left for Israel where the Jew can protect his life with his own weapons in his own hands. They have also returned to their original roots,  Judaism.