What the West Must Do In Order to Survive

Americans must demand that their government defend their country and their way of life.

Prof. Phyllis Chesler

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Prof. Phyllis Chesler
Joan Roth

If Europe does not do the following immediately, the birthplace of the Western enterprise will soon be conquered by barbarism.  

First, the European Union must dissolve itself. Borders and passports must return. No one should be allowed to travel unhindered from European country to European country.

Second, each European country must pass legislation to deport all those who are on “no fly” lists; all radical imams at radical mosques, together with their radicalized followers in mosques and in prisons; and all those who have traveled to Iraq, Syria, and Yemen for jihadi training.

Third, legislation must empower police and military forces to physically abolish the “no-go” zones–the hostile, separatist Muslim-only neighborhoods in which the European rule of law does not exist and which are ruled, instead, by vigilantism, terrorism, and a superstitious version of Sharia law.

The word “Islamic” (or “Islamist”) must sanely be joined to the word “terrorism” in the lexicon of the FBI, CIA, and Office of Homeland Security.
Fourth, the most vigorous requirements must be put in place for new immigrants and for the families of existing immigrants.

I truly wonder whether France will both pass and enforce such legislation.

As for America, the country that chose to send no important leader to rally against terrorism and in support of free speech in Paris:

We must immediately close our southern border. Here, I am not talking about Hispanic children or Hispanic would-be domestic workers. I am talking about the thousands of illegal immigrants who are coming into America via this route carrying Korans.

We must use language accurately. Jihad is not “workplace violence” or the acts of “mentally ill” and “lone” individuals. When a Muslim murders and massacres others, as the Ft Hood shooter did, yelling “Alahu Akbar” (Our God, Allah, is the greatest God’)—this is an act of radical political Islam. The word “Islamic” (or “Islamist”) must  sanely be joined to the word “terrorism” in the lexicon of the FBI, CIA, and Office of Homeland Security.

For the civil libertarians and multi-cultural relativists among us: The West does not believe in collective punishment or in judging an individual based on collective stereotypes about that individual’s race, religion, or culture. And, not all Muslims are terrorists. But 95% of terrorism today is committed by Muslims who believe they are carrying out Koranic commandments. Until this changes, we must be on a war footing.

For those who forget: The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims; The U.S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims; The 9/11 World Trade Center Attackers were Muslims; The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim; the Beltway Snipers were Muslims; the Ft. Hood Shooter was a Muslim; The Underwear Bomber was a Muslim; The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims; The Bombay/Mumbai, India Attackers were Muslims; The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims; The London Subway Bombers were Muslims; The Moscow Theater and Beslan School Attackers were Muslims; The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims; the Sydney, Australia Lindt Café Hostage Taker was a Muslim; The Charlie Hebdo and Kosher Supermarket Killers in Paris were Muslims, etc.

This list is very short and does not include all the Jihadi attacks against Jews and against Israelis for the last one hundred years—nor the Jihadi attacks against all infidels (Christians, Hindus, Ba’hai, Zoroastrian, etc.), as well as against the “wrong” kind of Muslim  since the 7th century AD.

Americans must understand that war has been declared against the infidel West by radical political Islamists and that the time to fight back is long overdue. Americans must demand that their government defend their country and their way of life.

We must defeat President Obama’s plans, which are underway, to welcome thousands of Muslim immigrants who have not been vetted in terms of radical anti-American,  radical anti-Jewish, and radical anti-Western prejudices.

Our lives depend upon doing so.