Netanyahu is no Coward, but Obama is a Liar

The real reason Israel did not attack Iran is just part of it.

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Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

PM Netanyahu has been a brave Israeli Prime Minister on the Iranian nuclear issue.  Why?  The entire present-day country of Iran is rung with huge difficult mountains.  In specific, the Zagros Mountains line Iran’s western borders and tower over 4,000 meters high.  For Israel, Iran’s multiple geographically and topographically nested nuke facilities are no Iraqi Osirik in the plains of Mesopotamia.  Iran is tough military nut to crack.  Prime Minister Netanyahu didn’t attack Iran, but not because he is a coward.  Israel didn’t attack Iran because:

1.Obama serially lied to Israel, and promised Israel the US wouldn’t allow Iran to construct a nuclear bomb. 

2. Obama also extorted and threatened Israel not to attack Iran.  

Netanyahu’s not a coward on Iran; but Obama is liar and an Iranian stooge.

This started in October 2008, not October 2014.  Claims that “ISIS aligned the US and Iran” just recently are pure idiocy.  Obama walked into the Oval Office in 2009 already aligned with Iran, and with Valerie Jarett having a direct telephone line to the Iranian Twelver mullahs.  “ISIS” is only a convenient excuse for Obama to come out of his Iranian closet.  Obama has protected the Iranian-terror state from the start   For instance, when there was the first Iranian uprising Obama doted over Iran's regime like a doting mother over her little new-born babe as Iran machine-gunned protesters in the streets.

Obama has always held an American military supply knife to Israel’s throat.  Obama withheld vital US Hellfire air-to-ground missiles from Israel when Hamas was actively firing Iranian M302mm Khaibar missiles into Tel Aviv; just imagine what American military supplies Obama would have withheld from Israel if Israel had violated Obama’s “don’t-attack-Iran-or-else” threats.  In retrospect, Bibi wasn’t a coward for not attacking Iran, he was a prescient military genius.  One never begins a war without having the supply chain to finish it. 

Imagine what horrific concessions in “Judea and Samaria” Obama could have extorted out of Israel if Israel was in the middle of a war with Iran/Hebollah/Hmas, and Obama had pulled the military plug on Israel as in the 2014 Gaza War?  This would expose Israel to a Hamastan 'West Bank' rocket state.  I have always believed Obama would betray Israel in any war, let alone an Israel-Iran war, so I never sided with a unilateral Israeli attack on Iran. 

Obama betrayed Israel on a defensive operation, letting Israel understood that it could never trust Obama in any war, let alone an offensive war against Iran’s nukes where Israel would have to project power over a thousand miles away.

Iran was never Israel’s problem; Iran is everybody’s problem.  It is Saudi Arabia’s, Egypt’s, Pakistan’s and America’s problem.  Why should Israel do the dirty work on Iran, and get all the blame and condemnation, where the Sunnis are likely to be attacked first?  Obama may have called Netanyahu a coward, but the unintended consequence of his insults will be to strengthen Israel’s military and strategic bonds with Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  Both the Egyptians and Saudis now see Obama will betray Israel as Obama has betrayed both of them.  

An extremely bad Obama-Iran nuclear deal must be very close at hand.  There’s a chance that the Senate may turn Republican, and hence may be a constitutional thorn to consummating an Iranian-nuke deal.  Obama may be forced to get the Iran-nuke-deal done after the congressional mid-term elections, but before the Republican majority Senate is sworn in in January.  A Republican majority Senate will likely constitutionally demand that any Iranian-nuke deal constitutes a treaty, and, therefore, must be put to a Senate treaty ratification vote.  

Obama may even have arranged a pre-emptive verbal attack on Israel to give Israel a taste of what may happen if Israel dares complain about Obama’s deal to empower Iran as a nuclear-weapons’ state.

The only silver lining is that Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia have now seen Obama’s betrayal on the Iranian nuclear track.  This means Obama is planning an even greater betrayal of Israel over the 'West Bank'.  I disagree with Josh Ernst the White House spokesperson, actually the Obama insults were very “productive.”  Obama is exposed as a lying Iranian stooge before hoodwinking Israel on the 'West Bank'.  

Prime Minister can now show Obama he is the true hero of Israel by building not just a mere 1,000 homes in Judea and Samaria, but by building 100,000 homes in Israel’s sovereign homeland.