The Black Gold Triangle - or Death

Inside a small triangle that straddles Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf exists the greatest concentration of oil in the world.

Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

It has always been the Iranian Shiites, versus the Saudi Sunnis:  

The Iranian Hamas, versus the Saudi Fatah. Hamas won. 

The Iranian Hezbollah, versus the Saudi Cedar Revolution. Hezbollah won.

The Iranian Yemeni Houtis, versus the Saudi Yemeni Sunnis. Score a winning trending line for the Houtis. 

The Iranian Shiite Assad, versus the Saudi Sunni Syrian Rebels. Assad massacred hundreds of thousands of Sunnis, but it is a draw so far.. 

The Iranian Morsi, versus Saudi Sisi. Sisi wins for now. 

Closer and closer the proxy battle has crept to the real battle line: the Black Gold Triangle of the Persian[or Arabian] Gulf.  For under the ground of the Black Gold Triangle sandwiched between Iran and Saudi Arabia is 56% of the world’s known oil reserves, and control of the world.

The Black Gold Triangle neatly fits into what has historically been known as the Mesopotamian ‘Fertile Crescent.’  “Mesopotamia” from the Greek means “[land] between rivers.”  It is the Mesopotamian land traced out by the triangular area that starts in the Taurus Mountains of Turkey to the north and follows the topographic river basins “between rivers” the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers.  This triangular depression of the Tigris and Euphrates runs south into the Persian Gulf. 

Inside this small triangle that straddles Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf exists the greatest concentration of oil in the world. 

The Black Gold Triangle lies on the fault-line between Sunnis and Shiites. To the East, the Shiite Iran circles like a hungry vulture.  To the West, Saudi Arabia trembles in the face of an Iranian nuclear bomb.

It is the Sunni-Shiite analogy of California’s San Andres earthquake fault, but otherwise unlike the San Andres’ Fault where the worst that can happen is we lose California. In the Middle East’s Black Gold Triangle, if the political earthquake hits and Iran takes over the triangle, not only will Sunni Islam be eradicated, but the whole world will be lost to the forces of Islamo-fascists.

“What’s the big deal about the Middle East oil,” Americans isolationists tell us.  After all, “America will be “energy independent in 3 years,”. So “who cares if the Iranians defeat the Saudis?”   

But “Energy independence” is a myth wrapped in a fraud. Can you buy a 20-year gas station ticket that buys you 20 years of gas at $4 a gallon?  The world markets are totally integrated and seamless.  So, if barrel of oil costs $500 in the Persian Gulf, Texas oil-men will sell their “energy independent” barrel of American oil for $500.  And, a gallon of gas will cost $20 a gallon at the pump, and bankrupt the United States’ and the world economy. The world depends on the oil reserves of the Black Gold Triangle being split between many countries that all are competing with each other to sell oil.  But, if the Saudis lose to Iran, Iran will own 56% of the world’s oil.

For now, the Saudis compete with Iranians to sell oil. But, if Iran were to wipe Saudi Arabia off the face of the earth and gain the entire black gold triangle, Iran alone would determine the “supply” and therefore the price of oil.  Therefore, it is in America’s supreme strategic interest to maintain the balance between Iran and the Saudis in favor of the Saudis. 

That said, what has Obama done?  Obama has betrayed the Saudis, and the Sunnis, and almost built for the Persians an Iranian Shiite Caliphate from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea.  If such a territorial Shiite Caliphate ever rises, Saudi Arabia and the Sunnis are done for.

There's more. If Iran ever gained a monopoly over world oil, Iran, the greatest terror nation on earth, would have the largest cash flow on earth.  Couple that with Iran’s nuclear arsenal. Such a cash flow would hyper-finance terrorism, and tyranny unlike anything the world has ever seen.  Even Hitler didn’t have oil reserves, let alone 56% of the world’s oil supply.  Imagine if Hitler had 56% of the world’s oil supply instead of the 0% of the world’s oil supply that he had.  The Jews would now be wiped out, and Hitler’s 1000-year Reich would be in its 70th year.

In short, if Iran wins against Saudi Arabia, the free world is irretrievably lost.

And that is why Obama’s pro-Iranian, anti-Saudi policy is the greatest threat the free world that the world has ever seen. And Obama knows it.  So, one has to conclude that Obama is intending to empower Iran with control over the free world and over America.  That is why I have warned of Obama’s“tilt” to Iran for 5 years.

Obama’s “partnering” with Iran to defeat ISIS is step one. Step Two is Obama’s allowing Iran to gain a “small nuclear deterrent against ISIS” which would quickly morph into a “big” nuclear arsenal to annihilate the United States.

If Obama’s pro-Iranian, anti-Sunni/Saudi policy is not exposed and stopped, the free world, Israel and America will not see the second half of this century. For unless the Sunnis and the Saudis win, the free world will not just lose, but be eradicated.

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