Moral Dilemmas Faced by IDF Soldiers

To shoot or not to shoot?

Baruch Gordon

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This is a chilling video.

Should an IDF soldier risk - and possibly lose - his life so as to spare enemy civilians?

Since the world condemns Israel no matter what she does, the reason is not an attempt to gain international approval or appreciation.

It could only be that the IDF itself aspires to attain a high moral standard.

But is risking your own soldiers' lives really a moral standard - is an army not compelled to put its soldiers' lives before those of enemy civilians? 

Especially when the enemy knows that and uses civilians as shields? And we don't hear Gazans protesting that immoral act?

And perhaps many of them are not such innocent civilians?

Perhaps it is quite the opposite? Perhaps it is intrinsically immoral? 

If your son was the IDF soldier in the video, what orders would you want him to receive?