US-Iran Secret Nuclear Deal tied to US Elections

What can be the details of the back channel talks Obama conducted - or didn't - with Iran?

Dr. Joe Tuzara

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Dr. Joe Tuzara

A volatile combination of radical fanaticism and extreme narcissism is in the offing, in the midst of simmering tensions in Iran on the one hand and a last ditch attempt on the other, of a desperate US president absolutely determined to do anything to get re-elected.

At the time when the Islamic republic is in the verge of massive economic collapse and civil unrest, President Barack Hussein Obama and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei seem to have struck a secret nuclear deal before the US presidential election.

This is interesting, as it shows that their lifelines are at risk in a political minefield, although their hidden agendas differ in quite a few thought provoking ways.

The New York Times reported that the United States and Iran have agreed in principle to hold one-on-one negotiations on Iran's nuclear program, but the White House quickly denied that any talks had been set.

The White House and the State Department declined to comment.

However, sources from CIA and former Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) operatives are hinting the October surprise deal is a move to save Barack Obama’s presidency.

The specific details of the secret negotiations are being under-reported in the liberal mainstream media.

Matter of fact, it is quite possible the back-channel delegation led by Obama’s most influential and trusted senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, delivered the president’s letter guaranteeing the details of the agreement to Ali Akbar Velayati, the former foreign minister of Iran and a close adviser to Ayatollah Khamenei on international matters.

The guarantees, it seems, devolve on recognition of Iran’s right to peaceful enrichment, a quick removal of sanctions, relief from international pressure while it continues its nuclear program and an announcement that the killing of Iranian nuclear scientists was the work of a foreign country, to increase legal pressure on Israel.

The Iranian source revealed the US delegation urged an announcement, even if only on a temporary nuclear deal, before the US elections to help Obama get re-elected.

The regime’s delegate was urged to understand that if Iran does not stand by Obama, Israel will attack Iran.

Obama’s Iranian-born American confidante jokingly told Velayati that she will be the next secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development in a second Obama administration and that it would be wise for Iranians to invest in US real estate.

French intelligence verified that Hamid Reza Zakeri, a former IRGC intelligence officer who has defected to Europe revealed that Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, has been given the go-ahead by the US to be ready to travel to Iran and announce the agreement.

The European Union, which increased sanctions on Iran last week, fears back-channel negotiations between the Obama administration and Iran will leave it out in the cold.

By fragmenting a weak coalition of willing dupes represented by the United Nations P5+1, the secret nuclear deal essentially bestows the Islamic republic more reasons to dictate on its own terms with US-backing.

In the past, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tehran's proposals to date had been "non-starters."

Now, Obama has agreed with Iran who has been pressing for broader direct negotiations that include other regional issues including Syria and Bahrain.

The question is – how will Obama’s appeasement strategies in an election year benefit him at the expense of Israel, Bahrain and the US? Like it not, the secret nuclear deal meant to resume in a never ending ‘talks’ while Iran enriches uranium is a big lie and a stupid joke.

In reality, the fiasco generated by Obama’s egocentric appeal practically undermines decades-long efforts to prevent a nuclear Iran. It lends credence to what political pundits believe all along, that Obama’s unprecedented betrayals have reached a dangerous turning point in foreign policy, to the detriment of Israel and the US.

Iran believes that Obama is weak, that it holds the key to his re-election and that a Republican win in November could mean direct confrontation. Sadly enough, an Obama win after November 6 effectively portends Israel’s own worst nightmare.

Iran’s Military Strategy: Bust or Bluff?

The extensive terror operations by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and Hizbullah against American interests in the Middle East and in Latin America underscore the clear and present danger to Israel and a grave threat to US national security.

Unquestionably, Iran’s military capabilities grew under Obama’s watch. The Obama doctrine of leading from behind sparks more false flag controversies in the Arab Spring, seriously undercut Israel’s ability to act on its own, facilitated Islamists aspirations and rapidly enhanced Iran’s hegemony in the broader Middle East, African and Latin American countries.

An unclassified report by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta reveal that the Iran is making large strides in virtually all conventional, unconventional, and nuclear categories.

The report said “Iran’s principles of military strategy remain deterrence, asymmetrical retaliation, and attrition warfare.” It focused most extensively on the regime’s inventory of ballistic missiles, already the largest in the Middle East, and warned that, with foreign assistance, Iran may be able to test-fly an inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM), capable of striking American soil by 2015.

That point struck analysts as especially noteworthy, because such a capability, if matched with the ability to produce a nuclear warhead that could be fitted onto the ICBM, would effectively make Iran a nuclear-armed power.

The Panetta report also saw an increasing longstanding support in terms of sophisticated weapons systems for Mideast terror groups: Hamas, Hezbollah, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the Taliban, among others.

A WND report claimed the regime’s nuclear scientists have successfully completed testing of a neutron detonator and have nearly completed design of a nuclear warhead.

What is more intriguing is, Team Obama’s interest in intelligence sharing with Israel, only to undermine it, not to attack Iran- is quite simply illogical. Beyond the hype and false assumption of having ‘Israel’s back’ lies the threat of greatest deception unimaginable.

Likewise, it is frightening to note that the US warning does not work against Iran, but only at the expense of Israel. In fact, history will attest that it is Obama’s irresponsible foreign policy that practically facilitated the rise of Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and more importantly, a de facto nuclear Iran.

A strong united Israel stand, divided it fall

The secret nuclear deal leaves Israel no better option to enhance its bargaining position both politically and diplomatically.

Israel -- the sole if undeclared nuclear-armed state in the Middle East -- has hinted it may take military action if Iran crosses a "red line" in its uranium enrichment.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s professorial-like lecture at the UN on ‘red lines’ has backfired. 

Dissension and political rivalry grew in Israel as parliament dissolved, plunging the country into a three-month vituperative political campaign. This divisiveness, fraught with risks, is counterproductive. Unfortunately, squabbles such as these are within the playbook of Iran’s military strategy.

Make no mistake, a Jewish state that is bewildered and weak is vulnerable and would endlessly fight its enemies ad infinitum; a strong and united Israel without a shadow of doubt would send a very powerful message to its enemies that Israel is something to reckon with.

That is what President Ronald Reagan’s “Peace through strength” is all about. In the end, Israel should move on and instead, tread more carefully to re-examine and strengthen itself.

Notwithstanding, difficult as it may be, let us hope one day we will just forget the greatest mockery and blunder of the 21st century - Obama’s doctrine of leading from behind and his unrequited legacy of a nuclear-armed Iran.