Should Obama be Trusted to Stop Iran's Nukes?

Obama's erratic approach in relation to Israel's determination, fortitude and vigilance concerning Iran's nuclear program is quite simply 'Trust Me'. Can we?

Dr. Joe Tuzara

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Dr. Joe Tuzara

This is a rewrite of a previous article, with changes. Well worth a read, ed.

After a year of sanctions and saber-rattling over Iran's nuclear program, negotiators from Tehran and six world powers (P5+1) finally resumed talks and found at least enough common ground to agree to meet again next month, according to Reuters.

Citing unnamed diplomatic sources, the New York Times reported that the western allies plan to demand the immediate closing and ultimate dismantling of Iran's underground nuclear reactors, a halt in the production of uranium fuel and the shipment of existing stockpiles of that fuel out of the country.

While Tehran says it is ready to continue the talks based on common grounds, it has stressed that it will not give up any of its rights and will not accept any preconditions for P5+1 talks, according to Iran's Press TV.

Last month, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan said he trusts Obama when he says that he will not let Iran build a nuclear weapon and that Iranians are a rational regime, in an interview on CBS's 60 minutes.

Trust in Spite of a Cunning Betrayal
The fallout arising from an article written for Foreign Policy Magazine, seriously undercut Israel's ability to stage a secret plan to attack Iran's nuclear facilities in its northern border.

The intention of the Obama administration, according to Moscow's RT News, was to make the plans public to disrupt any secret agreements between Israel and Azerbaijan that would leave the US in the dark.

As a result, Moscow has stepped into the vacuum created by Obama's decision to stay out of any potentially incendiary Middle East involvement while campaigning for a second term.

In response to US plans for an anti-Iran missile shield, Russia had recently moved highly-advanced mobile S-400 into Kaliningrad, and finalized a deal that establish an advanced radar station in Armenia to counter the US radar set up at the Turkish Kurecik air base, Debkafile's military sources reported.

The alleged leak illustrates a cunning betrayal by the back-stabbing Obama administration to Israel, America’s closest ally in the Middle East.
Leaks continued, raising suspicion within the political and defense establishment that the Obama administration was intentionally trying to undermine potential military action, according to Israeli media.

According to former CIA operations officer and counter-Intelligence expert, Clare Lopez: "Islamist-allied operatives appointed by Obama are undermining US security policy aimed at co-opting Americas foreign policy in the Middle East, a network- with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the clerical regime in Tehran - is directing the Obama Administration's policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Middle East."

In a latest Time report, it is claimed that Israel has scaled down its covert operations inside Iran because Prime Minister Netanyahu was worried about the consequences of a secret action being discovered or going awry.

The Bottom Line
The extensive terror operations by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and Hizbullah against American interests in the Middle East and in Latin America underscore the clear and present danger to Israel and a grave threat to US national security.

As if recent diplomatic faux pas in Seoul is not enough, Obama’s being soft on Iran and his ridicule of Netanyahu belie his well publicized claim of support of Israel; that is the most disturbing sign yet, it placed Obama's sympathies under the microscope.

In my view, the undermining of Israel’s military capabilities and the alleged leak suggest Obama is determined to prevent not only an Israeli attack against Iran, but also the missile defense plan for Europe and the Middle East.

Faced with stringent sanctions and speculation of an Israeli air strike, Iran is caught up literally between a rock and a hard place while Obama is sitting in a political minefield in an election year.

Incredibly, the American Jewish communities are mistakenly charmed and ncreasing support for Obama, as recent polls have already indicated.

In reality, no one knows for sure if Tehran will abandon nuclear ambitions- the centerpiece of Obama's Iran policy. Obama’s mixed messages, persistent indecision and dangerous diplomatic overtones only emboldened Iran.

In the crucial talks, however, this will be Iran's last chance to clear its ambiguities relevant to its nuclear program. The choice is hard but crystal clear - Iran must choose between a nuclear weapons program and the survival of the regime.

Considering the fact that Iran would not accept any preconditions, much less the dismantlement of its underground nuclear reactors, while it continue to enrich high grade uranium, the P5+1 talk is an exercise in futility meant only to buy time.

In the event the West accepts a compromise on Iran's nuclear program, the P5+1 will be willing dupes until Iran gets a chance to explode an atomic bomb. When that inglorious moment comes, inaction and complacency will give way to concern.

The Holocaust during World War II and the threats before the1967 Arab-Israeli War serve as a painful reminder of what must never happen again

Obama's erratic approach in relation to Israel's determination, fortitude and vigilance concerning Iran's nuclear program is quite simply  'Trust Me'.

In the end, an Israeli unilateral attack on Iran is a threat to Obama’s re-election and an insult to his outreach in the Islamic world. 

In contrast, 'Peace through strength' was one of the mainstays of Ronald Reagan's foreign policy vis a vis the former Soviet Union. Reagan said: "Trust, but verify" '.