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News and updates about Sequester

Israel Waives US 'Iron Dome' Funding

Israel insists it should bear its share of the burden, lessen dependence on US aid.

Israel Waives US 'Iron Dome' Funding

Airport Towers Slashed Due to Budget Cuts

US Federal Aviation Administration ordered shutdown of air-traffic control towers at 149 small airports due to budget constraints.

US Orders 149 Airport Towers Shut Due to Budget Cuts

Report: More US Companies Keep Money Offshore

US companies are keeping more of their profits offshore, choosing overseas tax havens amid talks about closing tax loopholes

Report: More US Companies Creating Offshore Accounts

Obama Calls for Balanced Approach

With severe spending cuts now etched into law, US President Barack Obama urged Congress Saturday to find a deficit-trimming alternative.

Obama Calls for Replacing Sequester with Balanced Approach

US Frees Detained Migrants as Budget Cuts Loom

US officials released hundreds of detained immigrants to trim expenses ahead of massive automatic budget cuts due to take effect this week.

US Frees Detained Migrants as Budget Cuts Loom

Fed Chairman Bernanke Warns of Slow Growth

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned that looming budget cuts could further slow growth.

Fed Chairman Bernanke Warns Budget Cuts Could Slow Growth

Obama Continues to Argue Against Cuts

Obama is increasing pressure on Republicans to agree on tax increases to avert $85 billion in automatic spending cuts.

Obama Continues to Paint Devastating Picture of Budget Cuts

Obama Warns: Budget Cuts will Slow Economy

Obama warned warring politicians it was time to start governing as Washington deals with another crisis threatening the fragile economy.

Obama Warns: Budget Cuts will Slow Economy, Eliminate Jobs

Obama Blames Republicans for Refusing to Deal

Obama accused Republicans of refusing to deal and painted a dire picture of the US economy if the automatic cuts take effect

Obama Blames Republicans for Stalemate in Budget Talks

Obama Warns of Threats to Thousands of Jobs

Obama warned Congress that steep budget cuts would hurt the economy and threaten jobs.

Obama Warns of Threats to Thousands of Jobs