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Presidential Residence

News and updates about Presidential Residence

'They made Israel into an historical marvel'

Herzog and Bennett speak at state memorial for Israel's deceased former presidents and prime ministers.

'They made Israel into an historical marvel'

Watch: Selichot at Presidential Residence

In honor of the High Holy Days, President Isaac Herzog hosts a traditional Selichot service at the synagogue of the President's Residence.

Watch: Selichot at Presidential Residenceplayer

'MK Zohar is lying, he should apologize'

Presidential Residence blasts coalition chairman over claim that Rivlin tried to influence MKs to vote against inquiry into judges.

'MK Zohar is lying, he should apologize'

Employee at Presidential Residence diagnosed with coronavirus

A number of employees will have to go into isolation, but not President Rivlin.

Employee at Presidential Residence diagnosed with COVID-19

Soldiers to Pres.: Don't give stamp to BDS engine

Reserve duty commanders protest outside Presidential Residence, urge Rivlin not to attend radical leftist conference in NY.

Soldiers demand Rivlin not give 'BDS engine' his approvalplayer

Conservative Movement 'Using Disabled Kids'

President's Residence accuses Conservative Movement of using disabled Bar Mitzvah 'to advance goals while cynically using children.'

President's Office: Masorti Movement Used Disabled Kids as Pawns

Peres's Residence Breached Regulations

State Comptroller criticizes Presidential Residence mismanagement under Peres, noting disregard of past reports, employment foul-ups.

Peres's Residence Found to have Breached Regulations

Presidential Driver Accused of Beating Elderly Man

88-year-old from Herzliya submits police complaint after suffering broken bone from assault, driver claims 'self-defense.'

Presidential Driver Accused of Assaulting 88-Year-Old