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CNN Joins Palestinian Olive Tree Libel

News or propaganda? CNN publishes outlandish claim of 'settlers' uprooting hundreds of olive trees - without bothering to fact-check.

CNN Joins The Palestinian Olive Tree Libel

Far-Left 'Rabbis' Group 'Fabricated Attack'

Rabbis for Human Rights caught lying about olive tree branches cut down in Samaria Arab village by Esh Kodesh residents.

Far-Left Rabbis For Human Rights 'Fabricated Attack'

Britain and Germany Block PA Olive Council Bid

Unilateral action to join International Olive Council blocked over arguments the act jeopardizes peace talks and violates conditions.

Britain and Germany Block PA Olive Council Bid

Alleged Clash Between Israel, PA in Shechem False

AFP reports IDF sprayed PA Arabs with rubber bullets in alleged fight with 'settlers'; regional spokesman: 'we never heard of such a thing.'

Reports Claiming Clashes Between Jews, Arabs Near Shechem False