A report issued this week by Itamar Marcus and the Palestinian Media Watch

(PMW) organization details the latest in Holocaust Denial and incitement from the Palestinian Authority mass media.

According to PMW, "PA TV this week taught the following 'Truths' about World War II: 1. The Nazis did not specifically plan the killing of Jews; 2. Jews, Germans, Gypsies, and Poles were all killed in World War II, as happens in war; 3. If Hitler planned any extermination, it was of disabled Germans; 4. The term 'Holocaust' in its human sense refers to experiences of the Palestinians, the Gypsies...; 5. The 'Holocaust industry' is a financial scheme of the Zionist leadership that has generated billions of dollars in profits."

Notes Marcus, "It is curious that the PA has chosen this period to initiate this... as many of these same points appear in a Holocaust denial book by PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas."

The inflammatory statements were made in the context of a May 27 PA television interview with Ismail Elbakawi, who was discussing a book called The Holocaust Industry. Elbakawi said, "I apologize for using the word 'Holocaust'.... It can also be used to refer to the Palestinians and the suffering that the Israelis [have caused] them. The Palestinians also have their own private Holocaust, and this is also true of the Gypsies, etc..... What the Zionist leadership in general and the American in particular have tried [to do] is to turn this truly tragic historical event into an industrial enterprise, an enterprise that will bring them a lot of capital, a fortune of wealth. For example, they started in Germany in the 1950s with what they called 'reparations' and suddenly, in the second half of the 1990s they turned - after Germany to Austria - they turned to Switzerland and began to invent their lies, according to which, the Swiss bought the gold fillings of the Jewish victims that the Nazis had taken from the teeth [of the Jews].. [Why do] so many of the Swiss support Palestinian rights.? Because Swiss society is very hurt by having discovered the robbery [of the Jews].."