aftermath of massacre in Nahal Oz
aftermath of massacre in Nahal OzYonatan Sindel/Flash90

The families of the IDF observers who were murdered at the Nahal Oz outpost on October 7 appealed to IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi demanding to be allowed to view the footage and audio recordings from the last day of their daughters' lives.

“As long as the transfer of the above documentation to my clients does not harm the security of the state, there is no good reason to continue to keep it from my clients. Second, only through the requested documentation will my clients receive answers to their unanswered questions,” the bereaved parents' attorney wrote to Halevi.

The attorney added, "The recordings and videos of my clients' daughters are important on various levels. This would have the effect of allowing my clients' a little closure when they have the documentation of the last shift before their daughters were murdered."

The families stated that they would turn to the Israeli Supreme Court and ask the court to order the IDF to provide them with the recordings they are seeking if Halevi does not provide the footage and audio in the next 21 days.