Natan Peretz
Natan Peretzצילום: Courtesy

With the story of Natan Peretz gathering momentum, more information was uncovered about the shocking lack of security at the Moldovan prison where he is held.

An innocent father of 1 and a religious man, he was arrested at an airport in Moldova and has been imprisoned for 5 months. The contrast between the young religious man and the hardened criminals that populate Eastern European prisons is stark. The prisoners can see he’s different, and as reports have shown, have taken extreme advantage of him.


In conversation with Chava Peretz, Natan’s wife, she shared, “Prison officers have turned a blind eye as my husband has been beaten and threatened with death. They haven’t made any efforts to secure him with food, and he’s been living off small packages of food that kind Moldovan Jews have brought him. However, it is a scarce amount, and he’s lost 70 lbs in 5 months, close to a third of his body weight. When I close my eyes and try to picture my husband, I have to remind myself that he’s not the husband I know. He’s cheeks are probably sunken, and his body a shriveled version of himself. “

What was top of Chava Peretz’s mind was the fund that had gathered momentum in the past week. The court has declared that until a fine of $120,000 is paid up, Natan will not be allowed to return home. It appears that she is reliant on the fund, as she comes from a simple background and has no feasible way to pay. Chava has spent 5 months in agony which she describes as “unspeakable”, and begs the public to put an end to Natan’s imprisonment.

Readers can contribute to bringing him home and learn more about his story by visiting the campaign page.