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The Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo represented to a large degree the utter dysfunction of Western society today.

Many performances tossed aside artistic merit and quality lyrics in favor of sensationalism and exhibitions including devil worship and other celebrations of weirdness, but you could tell something fishy was going on when 25 of the 36 national delegates gave Israel zero points, leaving Eden Golan and her artistically dramatic song “Hurricane” trailing at the tail end of the competing countries, despite the quality of the performance. But, when the voting public were allowed to raise their voice in the system enforced by the organizers of the competition, Israel rocketed, temporarily, into first place and then settled at a respectable fifth.

A typical example was the UK jury which gave Israel zero points, but the British voting pubic gave Israel the maximum allowed 12 points.

Who was wrong in their assessment of Israel’s performance? The so-called cultural experts of the Eurovision voting panel who thought “Hurricane” was worthless or the voting public?

Which raises the [rhetorical] question, was politics involved?

In the case, given the atmosphere against Israel in certain elite circles, and by the mobs on the street, incited by those emanating from these elite circles, I cannot think of another explanation.

In the end, the artistic and dramatic Israeli song and dance ensemble was beaten into fifth place by a boy in a skirt who whirled around on a large revolving metal plate which seems to sum up the state that Europe is in right now.

Needless to say, that the Israeli delegation, forced to perform in blatantly anti-Israel Malmo, a Swedish town in which the dwindling number of Jews live in genuine fear, had to be driven to the venue with a large police escort and, at the venue, had to change rooms because of the negative atmosphere generated by the artists who claim to represent universal progressive values, but were clearly on Hamas’s side in our justified war against this savage terror organization post October 7.

Eurovision has always had a political element with culturally and linguistically similar countries supporting each other in their voting pattern. That was a given that causes laughter when, for instance, Greece and Cyprus give each other 12 points. Ditto with Scandinavian countries.

My suggestion to the organizers going forward is for them to save themselves by holding their elaborate song contests and dropping their voting juries. Simply leave the voting up to the public to decide which act they prefer.

I came away from an overlong evening of many boring and weird acts to discover that the song contest reflects the current malfunction in Western societies as reflected on the campuses where indoctrinated students and their lecturers, aided and abetted by the governors and administrators, project a completely different world than that of the silent majority in very divided Western societies.

Truth be told, the ones who organized the massive hate-Israel mob that gathered outside the Malmo venue, as with their anti-Semitic co-conspirators on the streets of major Western capitals, will be the first to ban a boy wearing a skirt from being allowed to flaunt his sexual orientation on any stage or TV screen.

But that is the direction that too many Western countries are heading.