Police in Paris, France
Police in Paris, FranceiStock

A man was arrested for the kidnap and rape of a Jewish woman in Gennevilliers (a suburb in west Paris) in France in an antisemitic attack. "I will desecrate your daughter, I will take revenge on Palestine," the attacker said.

"Thank God she managed to escape! Similarly to Toulouse, Sarah Halimi and the Hyper Cacher – hatred of Israel is lethal in France. It is what fuels antisemitism. Hatred of Israel is the blade of the Islamist dagger," said Jewish MP Meyer Habib.

Habib continued to say that, "At the same time, the Socialist Party in France wants to stop arms shipments to Israel, Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné threatens Israel with sanctions and France has voted with Algeria, Cuba and Russia in favor of Palestine joining the UN, which does not recognize Israel!!!"

"This," says Habib, "is without even mentioning the insanity of the extreme left parties and Jean-Luc Mélenchon's people ... I am sad and worried for the Jews of France but above all, as I have repeatedly said, I worry for France."