Ronn Torossian
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Here in israel we continue on with life. There is no other way. This is the Jewish way. Saturday was a long day's night where we saw rockets fired at us in an unprecedented attack. Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran they all want to kill us, and we go on with life. The Jewish people live.

Yet, we see a crazy world. We see a world where Israel is told by President Biden to “take the win” after a coordinated defense led to the failure of the Iranian attack. While its wonderful their attempts to murder us didn’t work, the reality is that the “win” is a win for Biden’s perception of the United States, as an Israeli attack on Iran is more likely to spark more regional conflict, something clearly not in Biden's interest.

Israel, however, can not accept a new reality where Iran attacks us without a heavy-handed response. That goes against the very essence of the Jewish state – what country would allow a foreign enemy devoted to its destruction to disrupt life in this manner in an attempt to destroy a people? Even if is humiliated by the failure of its drones and missiles.

We must and will respond. When and how we so choose.

One wonders what NYC would look like before and after an impending attack like the one that Israel lived through - People would be sheltered in place for days finding out what a real "safe space" means, everything would be closed, who knows how long of trauma counseling and coddling. In NYC if there’s a threat of rain or the mildest disruption, cities empty. Would America permit this to continue to affect life? We know not.

Here in Israel life continues. It continues as we live through the trauma of being attacked and much of the world standing against us. Yet here in Israel it's fine. We are Jewish and Israeli and we will continue.

Yet, against that backdrop major Israeli cities – and the State of Israel – are significantly safer than major American cities. All this panic from tourists visiting Israel is unfounded. Our streets are safe, our cities are wonderful. Israel has a lower crime, rape, and murder rate than America.

Those who live in NYC or Beverly Hills or San Francisco can come visit (or live) in Israel and feel safe.

In Israel, an American can remember what a free life is. Remember what it is to walk on the street without fear of being robbed or beaten. To allow kids to wander free, and to live life. To walk into a store and not see everything locked up, to feel safe, secure and free.

Life in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv is safer than Manhattan, Beverly Hills or San Francisco. Period. It must be said.

One also wonders how murder and rape supporters who walk the streets screaming “Free Palestine” and “From the River to the Sea” are permitted to walk unharassed. What would happen to the KKK if they walked the streets?

Terrible and terrifying for Jews. Israelis are overwhelmingly not leaving Israel for many reasons, including the fact that many are scared to travel to the US, especially to New York City and San Francisco.

Meanwhile US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller is talking about Hamas as an “obstacle to peace” and that “Hamas right now is the barrier and the obstacle to a ceasefire in Gaza.” Go figure. Terrorist killers, rapists, barbarians are “the obstacles” to peace. Words of wisdom. Deep thinker.

Ronn Torossian founded a leading PR agency and is a philanthropist and author.